Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I am busy today, but when I get back I would like to do some artistic work here...or become Picasso here (they may be just as addictive as this link I already shared) .
Speaking of paintings: I have to post this (old) quiz, just because I got this result and I LOVE IT!
Who Should Paint You: Andy Warhol
You've got an interested edge that would be reflected in any portrait
You don't need any fancy paint techniques to stand out from the crowd!
What Artist Should Paint Your Portrait?

Breaking news: The monthly comment casting call has started at Wendy's, go over to NZ quickly!


  1. I'm supposed to be getting DSL today. It just came out here in this part of the mountains. So maybe it will be easier to click and link soon.

    I love the name Primevera...for a band...of course it makes me hungry though.

  2. I wasn't familiar with the artist that should paint me...!
    I'm here from Wendy's, Mar...It's so much fun, isn't it?

  3. I love those image toys.....
    Directed Over from Wendy's

  4. Warhol was wierd. Still a decent artuist, though.

    Over from Wendy's also (Good burgers there).

  5. Directed here by Wendy's! I'm going to go take that quiz now just for fun :)

  6. Cool pic!

    Wendy directed me here today

  7. Mar, I love the picasso link. I must have 10-12 "paintings" floating around in there.

  8. Hey Mar... Thought I'd stop by -- Haven't been by in a while -- And say "Hey"!

    Hope all is well!

  9. Loved the art sites. I will send them on to my son the artist. He loves to doodle!

    Enjoy you casting call.

  10. Love the pics in the last post!

    My daughter goes to the first site all the time and plays around. Will have to take a look at the second one.

    Who Should Paint You: Gustav Klimt
    Sensual and gorgeous, you would inspire an enchanting portrait..
    With just enough classic appeal to be hung in any museum!

    Hugs Suz

  11. Hey Mar - Andy Warhol was supposed to paint me too. Can't wait to see some Picasso!

  12. I've been busy for a fortnight. At the end of this week I should get back to normal blogging levels. Michele sent me.

  13. this is cool - now I know which test I'll take on Sunday *grin*

  14. no, dont direct anymore people to wendy's! i must win... they all must stay away!!!!!

    and no, i didnt take all the brownies... just most of them!

    here from wendy's....


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