Thursday, February 07, 2008

home again

Three weeks later, three pounds heavier and a suitcase full of fond and fun memories I am trying to get back to "normal" life! I seldom spent a moment alone during the day while in Santiago but the minute I got back (well, after they took me out to lunch) Mr Mar had to leave on a business trip until tomorrow night and Mr 19 was terribly busy with his friends, he had the day off yesterday - otherwise he is busy studying for finals.

I have to put away the summer clothes I was wearing, what a bummer ! but the almond tree is blooming and I have a new shower cabinet in my bathroom which looks like this (have been wanting to get rid of the bath tub/shower but was afraid of the dirt involved whole issue, my boys did all the dirty job and surprised me!! now I can shower and listen to the radio at the same time, it even has a phone connection, I should let them surprise me with an internet connection in the shower next time), my blog didn't disappear and dear blog friends kept the place alive by showing up and leaving comments (thank you all!). Oh, yes: life is good! well, except for jet lag, maybe, but I will get over it...


  1. Welcome back!
    Love that shower... Enjoy it.

  2. Glad you are back and had a great trip. That shower is just what you needed to freshen up on your return. What a nice surprise :)

  3. Lovely show! Welcome home, Mar dear!

  4. What a wonderful surprise with the shower, sometimes they show that they can still be useful, I have that here too from time to time, lol !
    Mr. 19 is now in the "draft" age. We called our son "the draft" He blew through the house and then was gone again. I have a cold and I am in my bed, I just read a few emails and answered them and now I fall into pieces and have to go back again !

  5. Good to have you back. The shower closet is great.

  6. Welcome Home! Your cartoon is too cute! LOL

    I'm so glad you had a great trip and are safely home.

    Your new shower looks heavenly! Every time I get into mine (especially when I clean it) I want to rip it out and put in something better. I hate my shower, I hate my shower! Yours looks like something I could live with.

    Welcome home again.

  7. Mar... you NEVER get over jet lag - because about the minute your body settles into a normal pattern, you're off and running SOMEplace again!!! LOL!

    That shower is beautiful! I think I would like something like that now that we have no NEED for tubs anymore. Tubs are necessary though when children are small! (oy! oh yea... and mother-in-laws... guess we better keep ONE!) Your MEN are WONDERFUL!

  8. What a lovely wonderful surprise for you, dear Mar....Your two guys are so terrific to do that while you were away....So glad you are home, dear Mar.....And of course you love Santiago....(I understand, truly, because I love L.A., but not when the air is so disgusting....! We are in what they call "a basin" so though we do get Heavy Winds---which blow stuff out temporarily...Then, it all comes back.....!I know it must be a worry to know that your dear family and friends are breathing this air....!

  9. Welcome back Mar! You sound so relaxed and rejuvinated.. And the weather, I know you are going to enjoy the memories of that for a while! Lucky you!

  10. It's good to have you back, not that we didn't love the posts from Santiago!

  11. May I reserve an hour in your new shower - LOL.

    It's been a pleasure to join voyage to Chile.

    btw. I have a Chilean collegue


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