Monday, May 07, 2007

happy monday

It was a busy and fun weekend as we flew to Germany to go to a wedding. We left on friday , visited friends, enjoyed wonderful spring weather up north (this is not always the case!), had lunch on saturday right next to the Elba river in Hamburg and attended the wedding afterwards. The couple got married the weekend before in Venice, Italy so the event on saturday was the party itself and the bride wore a beautiful evening gown instead of a bridal dress! One of the highlights was of course the bridal cake. This wasn't a traditional one but an original creation: a huge heart , a cake with delicious red fruits on top!!

Here is the view of the Alps as seen yesterday on our way back:

I think this peak below is the Mont Blanc, but since there were no further indications and too many clouds I am not 100% looks like it, though, don't you think?

The sunset as seen from the plane was breathtaking, absolutely gorgeous. I took many pics of it but this is one of my favorite ones:


  1. Breathtaking Sunset Picture, Mar...just BREATHTAKING! I am always amazed when I read your blog and see the picturs you post of places I have never been and to think you can fly to Germany for the weekend! All the pictures are just lovely, my dear...And that was a Wonderfully shaped cake...I LOVE Hearts!

  2. Ohhhhhh my gosh! That cake just looks fabulous - I would have to dive into it!!! And that sunset is stunning! I'm SO glad you captured it! (wouldn't that make a lovely postcard?)

  3. Sunsets in a plane are just spectacular, aren't they? It reminds me of the one I saw flying back to the US from Costa Rica. It was magnificent! The Alps look gorgeous too, and I saw similar scenes last Oct. I hope to see them again!

  4. Oh Mar, that is a beautiful sunset picture!
    I'm off to the city to have my eye surgery. WIll be back Thursday.

  5. The sunset is wonderful ! Coming back from a wedding what a nice view !
    You were lucky with the weather because it changed now and it will be cool and rainy ! I love the wedding cake, it's much better then these thick fatty cream tortes !

    Wusste garnicht dass Du deutsch kannst ! Was für eine Überraschung dabei "kennen" wir uns doch schon ziemlich lange !

  6. Oh! Mar! What a beautiful weekend!
    These photos are fantastic! Yes, yes! I must be the Mont Blanc! Sure!
    and the cake! Vive l'amour!

  7. A spectacular sunset. The cake looks amazing too. I'm sure it was a very enjoyable weekend.

  8. What marvellous photographs! Thank you for sharing. That heart has me drooling :)


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