Friday, December 01, 2006

the first of december....

This is the pear tree in our garden, as seen this morning. Someone should tell this tree it is the first of december today!! This means some five months off schedule! It should have looked this way in july, but it didn't due to a very dry spring...

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Update: Thanks to Carmen I now have a partridge for my pear tree! She is having a holiday party starting today until Monday, don't miss the party !!!


  1. Now that little tree has spirit. It just doesn't want to give up.

    Take care.

  2. in honor of my blog party, I'm leaving you a gift of a partridge for your pear tree!

    Hope you'll stop by the festivities

  3. Makes things a little more interesting for this time of year!

  4. I just left Carmen's Holiday Open blog and I'm inclined to give you a virtual gift since your comment is above mine in her comment section--

    Here is your gift
    (Hope it works so you can copy and paste it in your blog if you wish)

    Happy Holiday blogging!

  5. Gee, that's amazing now the tree decided to do what it should have done in summer ! I don't know, here too we still have leaves on trees, never seen a 1st. of december ! And 2 days ago we had 23° in the sun !

  6. That is such a cuuuute little pear tree! But DARN that Carmen ... I had brought you a partridge too. :( Never fear though! You have NO USE for two partridges! So instead I shall build you this cute little snowman!
    Have a great day and fabulous weekend Mar! Is Mr. Mar home now?

  7. I hope the pear tree reads the calendar and gets its act together. I hate to see good fruit wasted.

    Lovely picture. It reminds us that the fight for survival is never-ending, and it doesn't always go according to plan.

    Dropped by from Michele's today.

  8. Fresh pears in December. That is incredible Mar. I'm sure I have a recipe somewhere for partridge in pear sauce (lol!).

    It's hard to belive it's December already. Apparently the pear tree agrees and is in denial!

  9. I love the picture of that Partridge Mar...They are such sweet looking birds!
    Your Pear Tree is no doubt part of the Global Warming effects...You think? Well, I hope these dear pears will grow and survive beautifully....!

  10. That's amazing! My pear trees look like that in June. By August, they look look like oak trees because the pears have been eaten by a woodchuck in cahoots with the squirels.

  11. Carmen gave you the partridge, but that left a couple of really ticked-off turtle doves. So, I'm gifting you the two turtle doves!

    Let's just hope the three french hens don't get wind of this...

    Merry Carmen Christmas!

  12. What do you wish for Xmas!
    Seguro que el viejito pascuero llegara a nuestros hogares


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