Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen [33]

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a very, very random one...

01. My real name is not Mar...
02. I know, you've probably already figured that out
03. But my real name contains these three letters in the same order!
(but it is not Maria!)
04. I like Mar, it's a quick, short name
05. It actually is a Spanish name
06. It means "sea"... beautiful, isn't it?
07. I am the oldest -not necessarily the wisest, though - of three children
08. We'll be living in 3 different continents as of november
09. I am not moving, the bro is
10. Mr Mar is younger than me
11. 11 months younger
12. Mr18 was born on a 12th
13. Mr Mar was born on a 13th!
13+: I cannot ever possibly write a novel, therefore: no NaNoWriMo for me. But I know how to hit the publish button. Daily? I will think of something... I am participating here, tell me if you are too:

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Update: stay tuned for next week's TT: all about my name, lol! I will list all your suggestions and reveal the oh, very name of mine :)

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  1. Great list. I post daily on Dackel Princess. I figure if I am paying for this, I'm certainly going to use it.
    I guess I could be a Mar too! LOL In school everyone called me Mari at home MB.

  2. I only say this:

    Mar is beautiful, refreshing, relaxing and fun pleasure to be around...

    In double meaning ;-)

  3. I am betting on Marina or Marissa! Both are beautiful! But I like Mar too! It is short - and sweet! But MY real name begin with Mar too! And it's not Marie either! We'll discuss this over coffee one day!

    Not Marina nor I wonder what YOUR real name is...

  4. A Rose by any other name would certainly still smell as sweet. Interesting list as usual.

  5. My real name doesn't begin with Mar!

    I love Thursday Thirteens (The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday) ~ because they do exactly what they say on the tin!

  6. Love you TT list ... stop by my TT for some of my good reads :-)
    Addie @

  7. A great list! For the record, I adore the name Mar, because I adore the sea. I would consider using the name Mar... as a middle name... for a future child of my own.

    Have a great Thursday!!

  8. Can I reaveal what I think your name is??? If it means sea... Could it me something like Marina??? Then again you said Spanish so maybe it isn't............

    No, it isn't Marina, although that is a Spanish name too. Don't mean to make a big deal out of my name, I will tell, I will tell :)

  9. Mar, you are a poet, No matter what your name is!

    And Thanks for the Link to NaNoWriMo, I for one, am going to participate, simply because I need the motivation :-)

  10. Seriously, I thought your name was Mar. is it Marcia? that was my grandmother's name and one of my favorites. My name isn't Mar either, so I guess we have that in common! Happy TT!

    It isn't Marcia! only a few more ideas and I have my TT ready for next week, I will tell , I will tell :)

  11. I can't keep up now!!! Let alone adding another "blog" thing ...Help Me Oh Nurse! (LOL)
    How do you do it Mar? Visiting everyone and writing just about every day and "having a life", too!! Where is your brother moving to?

  12. Great list. :) "Mar" is a pretty name, even if it's not your real name.

    Thanks for the info on blog posting month - I'll have to check that out. :)

    Happy T13. :)

  13. no i'll be wondering what your full name is wih MAR at the beginning. :)

  14. Bet Mr. Mar teases you about being older than him :) My BH does - i am 7 months older than him. Ain't fair, huh?
    Btw, do some people call you Mar as a nickname for your real name?
    I get the idea that your brother relocates often. Must be a great life.
    Take care!

  15. Very nice list you created. I love the name Mar...

    Take care,

  16. LOL! This is the first I've seen of NaBloPoMo. If I ever stop giggling, I might just sign up.

    And I can't resist: Martina? Marcella? Margaret? Marguerite? Maribel? Maricella? Too many lovely alternatives.

  17. Hmmmmm....Marcela? Or Maricela?

    Mine is actually two names together to make one.

  18. I'm so curious now about your name. Is it one that is used here in the states? I love the catus shot below!!! I have a little monkey business going on today.

  19. Okay-- so my guess is...

    It was my favorite cousins middle name.

    Her first was Zulema- which I know isn't right, LOL! I always want to name any daughter I had this- but I'm too white to do it- so my sister has promised me she will. ;)

  20. for thought. lol! my tt's up! ;)

  21. I'm going to check out that post a day thing. Looks good.
    Now I'm going to crack the "name case"
    Thanks for sharing.
    Waving at you from NYC,

  22. Cute list.. I love number 7!

  23. hmmm.. now you got me wondering.. great TT

  24. I am not even going to guess your name, I'll anxiously wait! ;)

    Great list as always! Happy Thursday!

  25. Nice to meet you, "Mar." :)

  26. Marcia? Mary? Mareen? Margret? Marsupial? LOL!

  27. I've got a friend called Margalit, so I'm going to guess that!

    Good luck with NaNoWriMo...I'm tempted but just don't think I could keep it up!

  28. Happy Thursday! My 13 is finally up!

    I know your real name! Do I win anything?

  29. If it's Marissa, my oldest daughter could be a Mar too! We call her Maris for short.That's why I named her, because I just love the ocean. My husband's younger too, but only by 2wks.
    I'll have to check this post a day in November out! :P
    Happy Thursday!

  30. I'm going to guess Marilinda or a different spelling, perhaps, Marelinda. I'm not really Geggie either, well, I AM her, but that not my real name. Have a great weekend.

  31. I love the name Mar! It is very distinctive and beautifully short and sweet. But I will guess...Marina? Marinda? Marrissa? Marboro? Marzepan? LOL
    Your list is great! My TT is up too, Have a nice THURSDAY!

  32. I did know that Mar meant sea! Very good TT and I hadn't heard about the blog posting thing. I've joined up. With 8 blogs, it's definitely me.

    Collecting My Thoughts.

    My TT is up.

  33. Shoot. I was going to guess Marcia but you confirmed it wasn't. Hmm..How about Maria? Happy Thursday!

  34. Hmm, so can I NaNoWriMo and NaMoBloPo at the same time?

  35. Ok here's my guess but first here's why even though I don't think I am right:

    - Since it means SEA, and my daughter's name starts with SEA I'm gonna guess this name is somehow connected to me in another way because I'm weird like that
    - it's a variation of my middle name and my Mum's name
    - I have a ceramic knick knack given to me for my wedding with two names on it only my middle name is spelled wrong and is as below
    - it sounds spanish
    - you don't like the short from Marg or Margie

    My guess: Marguerite

    Can't wait to find out the answer!

    Thanks for the BD wishes, Mar!!

  36. i already knew that about your name since i have a mar... and not his real name... but it starts with mar!!!!

    i signed up for the novemeber thing a ma jig... but i didnt see the button like you have on the site...


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