Friday, January 13, 2006

Illustration Friday

I am not an illustrator but I enjoy this type of compositions. So I am doing my own approach with pictures I have taken.

This week's topic is "E is for..." ( Illustration Friday )

E is for Evasion.
Leave the city, go up to the mountains, hear your skis caressing the snow, dance down the slopes, feel the wind on your face, the sun warming you up, see the next hill waiting for you, free your mind ... Life can be so good

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And now your "E is for...":


  1. Chele In {dot} LAJanuary 13, 2006 8:29 PM

    Over from Michele's...
    I want to go to spain so bad sometime in my life.

  2. E is for excellent, excellent post and picture. Michele sent me HOLA !

  3. E is for elegant - which is what you surely are!

    Michele sent me this time!

  4. E is for Excedrin ( I have a headache, lol).
    Michele sent me!

  5. Awesome photo. Wish I was somewhere like that right now. (Michele sent me!)

  6. E is for everything!!

    I came from Michele's!

  7. E is for envy, which surfaces in me Every time I see snow-covered hills.

    Flat, snowless Florida has that Effect on me.

  8. E is for.....

    Elation - when I come home in one piece...

    Empathy - which you show to my fears of skiing...

    Michele sent me - this time :-)

  9. Hi!
    Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday. I lived in El Ferrol - Galicia - when I was a kid. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Espana.

    E is for Escape - to the slopes, to the warmest spot in front of the fire, the beach, wherever... :-)

    Have a great weekend!!

  10. E is for Ecstatic! As in Excellent photo...and Envy...wish I could have seen this..And E is for Ending....
    I'm done, my dear Mar....

  11. oh E is for exhaustion..LOL

    michelle sent me.. She says hi!

  12. e is for entrancing. entrancing photo, mar! makes me want to go skiing...hehehe. :)

  13. E is for endure which is how I approach life. It's a long twisted journey meant to try our patience. One wonders what happens at the end, of course.

    Michele sent me to your sunny shores, Mar. And for the first time in nearly 2 months!

  14. the picture is alright, but the words you put with it are poetic. greetings from michele

  15. E is for Espana, where I spent a wonderful month on delayed honeymoon once and, who knows, maybe sat next to the lovely Mar in a Barcelona cafe?
    Always a joy to visit you, Mar.

  16. Hi. Came here via 'Being Me' blog.

    E is for eloquent. As are your words and photograph...

    Interesting site. Will be back to say hello again.

  17. E is for your very Entertaining blog!
    Love that picture! Did you take it?

  18. Hey Michelle sent me.

    E is for...I dont know what E is for right now...but I like the photo, the poetry and your blog...

  19. hi mar! michele sent me back. have another e word for you - exhilirating. which is how you must have felt whizzing down those snow-covered slopes! :)

  20. Krossed-eyed kitty, actually it is my son's picture. Our past Xmas vacation, French Alps.

  21. Happy Saturday from Michele!

  22. E is for ...uh...elephant?
    Sorry, not enough coffee yet.
    OH! E is for Espresso!
    Michele sent me back!

  23. I'm BAAAACK! E is for everyday..which is what I'm wearing today..everyday clothes!

    Michele sent me again!

  24. Escape. Anything that brings me to a quiet place is worth thinking about.

    This reminds me of how, when I lived in Montreal, we would often drive up north for a quick evening of skiing after work. It was espwcially magical when it snowed lightly and turned it into a winter wonderland.

    There's something cool about cruising a trail under artificial light. Thanks for the happy memory.


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