Saturday, January 14, 2006

a short walk

I was away on vacation during the first half of last december. Back to the roots in Santiago, Chile. Here are some pictures taken along the way , click on them to see the enlarged pic.

First a handicraft village, with one of my favorite plants (or should I say tree in this case?) right at the entrance: a bougainvillea

Then I saw cats...
Some for real, some were ceramic ones, but they all took naps...

and a beautiful peacock

Just walking through the market:

Urban decorations: horses

and another horse

Manquehue hill

The Andes in the summertime

Looking down from my sister's apt , 13th floor, see the jacaranda tree on the left? There are many of them in Santiago, they are lovely purple spots among all green trees.

It is always good to be back, although I have been living abroad for over 21 years now. Home is actually where you are planted but it is nice (and important to one's soul) to have a place to go back to.


  1. lovely snapshots, mar! and i did notice the subtle change in template. i like this one much better than the sun against the blue sky - more colorful, just like your personality! :)

  2. Great pictures. Those horses remind me of ones in Saratoga.

    Michele sent me.

  3. Ribbiticus, thanks for noticing :D. As I told you, it was with a little help from a blog friend.
    Lisa, I am glad you liked the pictures. I thought the horses were not an original idea, must find out about the ones in Saratoga!

  4. The colors are absolutely captivating. You have such a way of capturing and describing a scene.

  5. Amazing photos! That must have been quite the trip. Thanks for sharing.

    Here via Michele's.

  6. Beautiful pictures. The horses reminded me of the Cows in Chicago. Thanks for the trip! Michele sent me.

  7. Mar, that bougainvillea is the most amazing I have ever seen. It grows well in Barbados and also Hawaii, but this "takes the cake". Just gorgeous!

  8. Gorgeous! Michele sent me today.

  9. Those photographs are beautiful! I would love to visit Chile at some point, I've always loved the look of it!

  10. We had a "cow " exhibit just like those horses.
    Great pictures I love learning about others homes and cultures.
    Michele DIDNT send me !

  11. hola mar! back via michele! just checking if i'd have the same problem as the others. guess not...:)

  12. I didn't see you after me Mar until my comment was posted so, HERE I AM from Michele...
    I LOVE these photographs...The Jacaranda 's are soooo very beautiful..we have them here in Los Angeles..A few streets where those are the only trees...Gorgoeous! But they don't last very long...
    Any the Horses..What a great idea....I think it was Chicago that had a whole thing like that all over the city of Cows...A very satisfying Art Form, isn't it?

    Lots and lots of great things to look at Mar...Thanks so very much!

  13. Hi, Mar. I was sent by Michele today. Hasta luego!

  14. Colleen, I am so glad I was right, it was a fun game. You are right, you have seen the cat picture before, on my old blog...!

  15. I saw the two white cats photo before. Did you post it here? It's cold here today so this stuff looks inviting.

    I just posted the answers to the lying challenge.

  16. It happened again My Dear Mar...So...though it looks like I skipped you...I'm Here!!! (LOL)
    I love coming back because I could look at these pictures MANY MANY Times!

    About the above? Michele, of course!

  17. Back again, via Michele. We're both getting skipped a lot....:-/

  18. Hello, Michele sent me.

    Those are great pictures. Santiago looks beautiful.

  19. How beautiful are those pics! Michele sent me and I am ecstatic that she did. I love pics of far away places and Chile is one that isn't photographed enough. Beautiful indeed.

  20. Great shots, especially the first one with the blossoms.

    Here from Michele's.

  21. Great photos. I think I'll leave Los Angeles and move to Chile. I'm glad Michele sent me over.



  22. [chuckle]

    as I was saying.....

    I love jacarandas and bougies - beautiful colours!

    It must be nice to have somewhere to go 'home' - I don't have anywhere like that!
    Thnank you for the lovely pictures.


  23. Love the pictures... but I must admit I do not like peacocks... they are loud and obnoxious and will wake someone out of a coma in the morning. Here in Baltimore, we have these crabs all over the place. They are nicely decorated like those horses.
    Oh by the way, Michele sent me to do her dirty work to tell you Hi!

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  25. I tried ot leave a comment earlier, but your site would not accept my post (I am not a memeber of the team?!?!) So, I am trying again.
    You have a wonderful eye for photography, and I love that photo of the real kitty with the ceramic one! The bouganvillia colours are absolutely glorious!

  26. One of my best friends lives in Santiago. He came to the US to work for awhile and we met here, but he has moved back. Would love to come down and see your beautiful country and take some turns in your famous powder.

    Thanks for stopping by Bubblehead.


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