Tuesday, August 04, 2009

feet up

That's the way our holiday began and ended: with a fun day of canoeing!! Particularly for me since I had my feet up. Mr Mar loved paddling away and I simply couldn't deny him that privilege so I opted for enjoying the scenery which required much strength having to focus on so many different things: water, cliffs, current, pebbles, rocks, birds, dragonflies, fallen trees, big trouts, tiny fish, lost sunken items, campers, other canoes, other people. I wasn't sure about the amount of sprinkling water so I took my old camera for this event, that explains the quality of the picture and it's the one where my feet look their best.

I still have my feet up since I sprained my left ankle in a charming mountain village, I was walking down stone steps and one of them was narrower than the rest. I did not notice the difference until my foot told me so... it's a minor injury but it has given me a good excuse to slow down !

This is the Tarn River, a wonderful place with an impressive landscape of which you will see more soon. In the meantime...don't you see a tiny bit of red on that picture?? the canoe ahead of us? I wonder if it is enough to qualify for Ruby Tuesday... I will give it a try for a red carpet re-entrance into the blogging world! Welcome back to my little corner, it is so nice to see you again!


  1. Welcome back Mar!
    I saw your comments over at Quilly's about posting. It was nice to see you on the RT list.
    I do believe Mary said in the beginning, a little red or a lot of red so I think you're safe. :)
    Beautiful scenery you've captured!

  2. Welcome back and I hope you are on the mend soon..

  3. Welcome back ! The picture is very nice even with your old camera honnestly I don't see any difference (which is not a compliment for your new camera, lol) I took my magnifier and confirm, the photo is good enough or Ruby Red.

    Sorry about your ankle that hurts, I had it once and hopped around like a one legged kangaroo !

  4. Sorry to hear about your ankle. It is good, if you had to injure yourself, that you waited until the end of your trip!

    And I say this qualifies for Ruby Tuesday. I can see the red.

    Congrats again on winning Punny Monday!

  5. Did you really sprain your ankle or are you looking for an excuse to relax from your vacation?

    Love the angle of the photo.

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  6. Well, I'm sorry about your sprain, but those kicked up feet sure look nice :-)

  7. Welcome back, Mar! We missed you.
    Good to hear your ankle is on the mend.

  8. Love, LOVE this photo. It says so much without a word...gotta love it.

    Thanks for the visit today and your kind comment.

  9. Ahhh... so relaxing....
    Hope your ankle is feeling better.

  10. Hope the ankle is better soon. Nice touch of red ;)

  11. Welcome back sir after ur vacation. Sorry about the ankle sprain-get well soon! Rgds Ram

  12. WELCOME HOME, Dear Mar! What BEAUTIFUL Pictures, my dear. And sch a treat for all of us. I am unfamiliar with this part of France and it is a joy to be introduced to it!

  13. that reminds me that Dh & I need to go canoeing again. Your trip looks beautiful!


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