Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the blogger is out!

image courtesy of the net

It's time for a break 800 km/ 500 miles away from home, which also includes a break from blogging. This means there is no time for a Part 2 on the ruby chairs of the prior post but thanks for asking, I was pleasantly surprised by the feedback and the wonderful comments! (at any rate, I wish a happy ending !).

I shall be back from France in early August with renewed energy, fond memories, and 500+ shots. Please take care of my blooming yucca, it will have its prime time while I am gone.... ::waving good-bye and blowing air kisses::

My yucca last Monday:

blooms from a past summer:


  1. So you close ! just like that ! instead of being an assiduous blogger and preschedule lots of posts so that we have something to read and look at, while you are lazily laying around somewhere, no you just close the shop !
    Wish you a very nice trip and a lot of fun during your holidays !! and good weather of course !! the most important thing !!

  2. Have a great time my friend. I'm gonna miss you. Be Safe. Aloha

  3. Tsk! And off she goes AGAIN! (without warning...) who does she think she is anyway??? *waves* HAVE FUN MAR!!! WHERE are we having coffee at?

  4. LOVE all those Blooms, Mar...I know you will have a fabulous time in France....And I look forward to those 500+!

  5. Have a great vacation. Can't wait to see what pictures you have for us upon your return.

  6. Awwww, lol at Gattina and Melli's comments! I'll miss you too Mar, but have a pleasant trip!

  7. Wishing you a lovely and relaxing break and a great trip :-)

  8. Again!? I think you are having way too much fun! It is time to stay home and slough for awhile!

  9. I hope you have a wonderful time Mar! Your Yucca is beautiful.

  10. I am sure you will visit internet during your holiday!!! I don't believe you can stay so much time without a visit here!!! we will see! You know don't miss Ollioules when you come back home if you have the possibility!
    Have beautiful time, Mar!

  11. I really hope your canoing in Tarn went well.
    We have mostly done canoing in Ardeche, when in France.

    We also hope you will have a great stay in the Alpes as well.

    Here we have the "Green Winter". 17-20 C and rain and rainshowers.
    But the good news: Felicia gave birth to kittens during last Friday.

  12. Amazing shots of flowers. Have a great vacation.

  13. Beautiful plants and missing your posts already! What a long delightful vacation! :)

  14. Again!!
    lol at Gattina and Meili's comments.

    Enjoy your vacation! Bring me a souvenir! :P

  15. I hope you are having a wonderful break. Can't wait to see your photos.
    Take good care.
    Sending you hugs,

  16. I hope you are having a truly WONDERFUL Time, my dear..!


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