Friday, May 23, 2008

W is for water and F is for Friday Fill-In

This is the Mediterranean Sea and to the right you see Barcelona's Moll Adossat (in Catalan) or Muelle Adosado (in Spanish), where the big cruise ships (up to four at a time) moor. I have only taken a ferry from Barcelona to Genova- Italy once (18 hours), and that was from the ferry pier, which is located closer to the city. I took this picture while standing on top of a huge container ship (8-stories high). Yes, you need connections to do such a thing ... Let me add that evening I was seated next to the captain at the dinner table in a local restaurant. Too bad it meant business and I can't blog about it but at least the blog gets the above picture, thanks to the alphabet challenge.

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1. On my laziest day I like to stay away from the kitchen and go out for lunch and dinner!
2. A post a day makes me feel like I'm being productive. (he, he!)
3. I love little bites of dark chocolate and big mugs of black coffee.
4. This summer I want to read !
5. Wanting to be part of the fun made me start my blog.
6. Little Red riding hood and orange juice.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to packing my carry-on, tomorrow my plans include catching the plane to fly to Madrid (a 45-min flight), and Sunday, I want to see as much as I can in Madrid before I get back home late on Monday.


  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your #7 sounds great! Enjoy your weekend. :)

  2. A beautiful picture ! We did a cruise through the mediteranian see 4 years ago, it has been a dream !! (although I wasn't seated at the captain's table but he was ugly anyway !)
    I would prefer to stay away from the kitchen every day, but so far I haven't won in the lotto to hire a cook for my new microwave, lol !

  3. I LOVE your #3 and #4...I am off to get my coffee this morning though I prefer mine with a dash of answer your question...if by "THE JANET" you mean "fondofsnape janet" then yes I knwo THE JANET in real life ... we met through a blogger lunch about 3-4 years ago now.

  4. Is the captain as good looking as George Clooney? :) email me his pic. hahaha....

  5. Love your answer to #3! Have fun in Madrid and thanks for playing :-)

    Love the picture at the top, too!

  6. Ooooooo... now I'm curious! About that whole "connections" thing! Mar - you are one mysterious woman! ;)

    Shoot! I like to go out for lunch and dinner on my MOST productive day! Or any day... except my laziest day. But ... on my lazy day I'll order IN! Certainly NO cooking will be involved!

  7. Sounds like you have a great weekend coming up. I hope you enjoy it!

  8. A weekend in Madrid, how nice!
    Have a wonderful time and thanks for the visit :)

  9. I like the harbor picture.

  10. Nice photo.

    Mmmm dark chocolate is yummy!

  11. Yes, too bad you can't blog about it! You made me very curious.... *giggles*

    I enjoy the view though and I also got curious of that 18 hours cruise to Italy.

    How was it? As the Captain of the cyber cruises, I ought to go on some sort of major cruise...

  12. Marvelous post today.
    Love the shoe image and the ships moored is wonderful.
    Have a wonderful weekend in Madrid!

  13. i love the sea and this photo is a real treat!
    enjoy your weekend in madrid!

  14. Great photo. It reminds me of when I went on a cruise from Vancouver BC Canada up to Alaska, USA. 7 day trip that was awesome.

  15. Woofenderful W pikture. Lots of water! Bark!

  16. oh those plans are so exciting! I used to love going to a big city which was so close by. I did that on the weekends while in Switzerland.

    I'm still hoping to get out this weekend more while enjoying the sunshine! yes sunshine!

  17. p.s. your goals were the same as mine when I had more of the time to do that...


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