Thursday, June 07, 2007


[biz-ee]- adjective, bus·i·er, bus·i·est, verb, bus·ied, bus·y·ing.

It's thursday and it's late... Family arrived yesterday: the in-laws, MIL's sister plus FIL's cousin and his wife. They are all staying at a beach hotel not far from our place so we get to spend time together as well. It's fun but it's also time consuming so I don't have my usual "blogging time" . Regular blog activities will resume next week ! Here is a picture of downtown Hamburg taken last week, it was a wonderful, sunny day up north! This is the Alster lake right in the middle of everything. If you look carefully you see a large white building (they are actually two next to each other) with a green (aged copper) roof: the larger part on the left is the Four Seasons Hotel. On the right is the building where I used to work. Update (because Barbara asked in the comments: I worked for a bank, I was in the loan department and more specific : collaterals) More pictures next week.

And here is an excellent and oh, so clever quote I read yesterday here while visiting peace globes (see prior post - too many interesting peace globes, too little time...), these are truly words to live by :

Many years ago a wonderful book by Robert Fulgham was published called Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned In Kindergarten.

Share everything
Play fair
Don't hit people
Put things back where you found them
Clean up your own mess
Don't take things that aren't yours
Say you are sorry when you hurt somebody
Wash your hands before you eat. Flush.
Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you
Take a nap every afternoon


  1. Aha, so you have to come over and toast with me afterwards then, for the Swedish National Day Celebration!

    Have a nice week!

  2. Have a great time with the family.

    What was your job at the building where you used to work?

  3. Have a nice time with your family. I used to have a pen pal from Hamburg (in the 50's). I'd like to go there someday.

  4. Yep sounds like all the things I say each day

  5. That is such a great philosophy!

    Hope you have a great time with your family!

  6. Hi. Just popped back after I read your comment on my blog. I have heard of Snowflake. Liek all gorillas he seemed amazing and even more special being an albino! Thanks for the information.

  7. We learn the basics in Kindergarten and that list is very true. It is only when we get older that we start getting more complicated and confused.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Take care,

  8. Have a wonderful time with your family, Mar...I look forward to lots of pictures....I'm still so impressed with the 80th Birthday Beautifullness...Those flowers on the Main Table....Gorgeous!
    Did you live in Hamburg a long time? I know you've probably told us, but I do't remember...!

  9. I forgot to say I LOVE that Book...
    And those few lines are really words to live by, aren't they?

  10. I've decidsed that I need to pack up the pups and come to Spain for a vacation. It's been arough day, complete with a fall and big fat bruise on my leg.
    I'm so happy you are having fun with your family.

  11. I'm having a wonderful time with all of my family too. It's so much fun to finally get everyone together.

  12. Na da is ja die ganze "holy" family versammelt ! Can understand that you don't have time ! I am trying to catch up with answers of all comments I got. I arrived home this afternoon and am happy to type on my keyboard instead of a turkish one ! That wasn't easy ! they had two different types of "i" and it took me 1/2h to find that out, I couldn't lock into my blog !

  13. Ich liebe deutschland! Why? I don't know! Perhaps because my grand mother was from North east of France! Sie spach deutch und ihr sohn, mein onkle arbeitete in München.
    Hambourg seems to be a beautiful town! You're right for kindergarten! Ich bin lehrerin mit kleinen kindern und hope just peace for their future.

  14. i love your tulip pic at the top! Thanks for visiting and hope that things ease up for you soon! :) Great pics.

  15. Wishing you a great time with the family - quality time I would say!

    Take your time and have fun and in the mean time I'll follow your advice and take my power nap every day:-)

    Btw: talking about lovely weather - I think Norway is even warmer that you these days - The Vikings are even skinny dipping in the fountains in Oslo:-)

  16. Oooooooh I love the copper roofing! (ALL sheet metal workers have a fondness for copper roofs! As an X, my fondness remains!) So... you were a banker, huh? Hmmm...

    Have fun with the family! I MISS you of course ... but I understand!


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