Monday, June 11, 2007

the birthday meme

Our tagging charming captain Lifecruiser has done it again: here I am tagged, this time is the birthday meme. Tool: wikipedia, the big challenge: look up events, births and deaths on my birth date, which is october 7. I am a true Libra. This is an easy copy and paste meme (perfect to go along with my morning coffee while I am still busy playing hostess!) but I don't think you are willing to read the whole wiki-entry so here is a random extract of the search (in red):

1492 - Christopher Columbus misses Florida when he changes course. (!)
1769 - English explorer, Captain Cook, discovers New Zealand.
1919 - KLM of the Netherlands was founded. It is the oldest airline still operating under its original name.

1748 - King Charles XIII of Sweden (d. 1818) (I am including him in honor of the captain- *grin*)
1946 - Pengiran Anak Saleha, Queen of Brunei (keeping the royal touch for this meme)
1952 - Vladimir Putin, Russian politician
1974 - Charlotte Nilsson, Swedish singer (another one for the captain!)

2001 - Herblock, American cartoonist (b. 1909)
Because of all the copyrights I am not posting a cartoon but there is a whole collection here.

Speaking of birthdays: we will have a Mr 19 tomorrow! he is a Gemini, what is your sign? when is your birthday?


  1. Oh god what an event ! Schwarzenegger in person and then birthday with Putin, lol ! I am cancer birthday now in July. Your son is becoming an old man ! Are you still alive with all your invadors ? They surely have nice holidays if the weather is good !

  2. Happy Birthday to the soon-to-be Mr 19! My birthday is in a couple of weeks :)

    There sure has been some historic events on your birthday!

  3. GOOOOO Columbus! LOL! I did this meme awhile back ... I'm going to have to search it out because our captain has tagged me for it! I don't have time though this morning... work work work... I am a VIRGO! And this reminds me -- I need to get a countdown up for my birthday! Cuz I'm approaching the BIG 5-0!!! Whooo hooo!

  4. Verrrrry good choices Mar! The Captain is verrry pleased with the Swedish touch, but also the others!

    Columbus and Captain Crook in the same meme, my god, powerful I'll say. Reminds me of the Pirate day ICL arranged for us :-)

    Oh, and Happy birthday to Mr 19!!!! Wow, getting old is he... *giggles*

    ...and we all have to memorize Mellis 50's birthday!!!!

  5. This is a fun meme, Mar. I am a Scorpio and my birthday is Oct. 30th.

    Happy Birthday to mr. 19! I remember being 19....LOL. Wouldn't go back for anything!

  6. A fun MEME, Mar....I have seen it before and even checked out my Birthday Sats---like Bob-Kat, mine is in a few weeks---June 27th to be exact...
    LOVE the our Geverner got in on your Birthday...LOL! Maybe one day he will learn to pronounce Cal-eeeeee-forn-ia correctly! (lol)

    And a Very Very Happy Birthday to Mr. 18 almost 19!! Hope you have a lovely celebration with all the family still there! Enjoy, dear Mar.

  7. I'm a Gemini too - May 25

    Have a Happy Birthday, Mr 19!

  8. What a blend of celebs - from Mr Sail away Columbus, via famous Swedes to The Governator himself.

    Happy birthday to the still teenager.

    And looking forward to your big day . Think about it: Fortyten years;))

  9. Thanks for your visit Mar....I know you are so very busy and I appreciate you stopping by and your lovely words, too!

  10. Ah! ah ! You've been tagged too!
    You have chance with your date!
    Schwarzenegger! Columbus!
    And happy birthday Mr 19!


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