Thursday, February 19, 2009

TCT: blue

I love all blues!! Including but not limited to the pictures from my archives shown here: 1) "my" beach. 2) tiles in my home.3) A blue bottle in my dining room. 4) Dusk. 5) my guest towels 6) A tiny birthday candle. 7) Denim. These are placemats. 8) Party! this was an event on top of a building in Barcelona last summer.

Next week's color is brown.  Find more blues here


  1. What a beautiful blue collage of lovely blues!
    mY guest towels are blue too.
    Glad to have you back on board - have been checking in on you.
    But, am normally one lousy commentor.

    Best wishes

  2. Beautiful "blue" collage ! I would love to lay on a beach right now !

  3. What a beautiful little collage that makes! I remember a lot of the pictures in it - but they look so NICE all put together!

    Oh! I have browns! Lots of browns!

  4. Love the collage. Very interesting presentation of blues.
    Thanks for the visit.

  5. Lovely blue collage, i paricularly like your beach and the dusk shot. :-)

  6. well, that's a great collage!

  7. These are BEAUTIFUL, Mar....Really stunning. I love your choices and I LOVE that particular color of is so "warm" the candle and the Denim Placemat....Lovely, my dear, Just Lovely!

  8. Nice Mosaic! I've been sent by Netchick!


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