Friday, February 20, 2009

Es viernes! *

* it's Friday!!

Here are the  fill-ins:

1. Give me some time  and I'll catch up on your blog... I was a month away from the blogosphere.

2. Whenever I eat a chocolate doughnut, my stomach complains. That's whay I don't anymore :(

3. I wish I had perfect vision (or at least the one I had when I was 35!)

4. A piece of "tarte aux myrtilles"- blueberry tart  was the last thing I ate that was utterly delicious. It's always a special treat!

5. To live in this world,  much tolerance is needed.

6. Other than this one, the FFI's  is the last blog I commented on.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a quiet evening with our company from Germany, tomorrow my plans include hosting a small luncheon and Sunday, I     we want to celebrate our friend's birthday! yes, he is the one visiting.

The FFI's can be found here .  
Below you find a picture to practice your German with a lovely little name:  Souffelweyersheim...!


  1. Pheww ! what a name ! Is that a new game these Fill ins ? at least you have a nice weekend program. I only admire the grey sky !

  2. A month away from the blogosphere!! How did you manage!?
    Were you somewhere nice?
    Blueberry tart -yum!, I would love that too!

  3. Isn't it awful the way your body can play up when you eat some foods that you like? Hope you have a great time celebrating at the weekend!

  4. Welcome back, Mar. Did you miss blogging? I like the fill-in prompt game and meeting and greeting at Netchick's.

  5. Now that makes me miss where I lived in France between the Swiss border. What a cool photo and great news of your company!

  6. Is that house boarded up? Welcome back!

  7. Blueberry tart and tolerance - the perfect combination to make the world a better place!
    Happy Friday!

  8. goodluck on your weekends plans.

  9. I would just CRY if a chocolate doughnut made my stomach hurt. It makes it FAT - and that makes me sad enough... but if it made it hurt that would be just TOO sad!

  10. Looking at the picture makes me miss Germany so much. Actually, I love France and Italy even more, but the two years that I lived in Germany (in Gelnhausen, a suburb of Frankfurt) were near and dear to my heart. Have a blessed weekend with your friend, and next time, save some blueberry tart for me!


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