Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Alphabet Challenge: I & J

(Wordless Wednesday is below!!!)

While I was away on vacation, our wonderful  Melli started this Alphabet Challenge.  I am able to join in for I & J, straight out of recent ski holidays... 

I found these perfect wooden I's while taking a walk, even with a dot of snow!  they also look like giant matches. This shot  would qualify for Ruby Tuesday as well, don't you think?? 

A perfect J graciously holds the chairlift from the cable! all these years of skiing and I have never noticed this before... I admit cheating on this one since I had to flip the picture , uh-oh!


  1. I love the little dots on your Is! And that J is certainly not only anybody else is going to have. Well done and welcome to the party!

  2. I flipped my photo on its side to get the J. Nothin' says we can't! LOL! Yours are great, I love those 'i's'

  3. you shouldn't have told us about flipping the photo. ha ha.
    those were great ideas.

  4. Perfect letters Mar!!
    It's nice having you back with us, posting your blog again!!!
    You've been missed.

    Thanks for stopping by this morning.

  5. I flipped one of my G's last week too, you can you know! They're perfect both of them!!

  6. Those I's are great -- love the dots of snow on top! And don't tell anyone, but I have flipped a picture or two myself to get the letter facing the right direction. :-)

  7. How beautiful!!! Makes me miss the Alps so much! :)

  8. I agree that you shouldn't have told us about flipping the photo. We would have never known.

    You did a great job! Now you need an A frame challet for the beginning. ;)

  9. With some phantasy you made it ! I missed the start and then I forgot.

  10. LOL! I have seen things that I thought I might have to flip it -- but hey - if you were standing on the OTHER side it would have been RIGHT -- right? It works! LOL! These are GREAT! And I'm SO glad you have joined us! I will link you right up!

  11. simple and yet effective.
    i like your letters :)

  12. Yep, you definitely could have used that shot for Ruby Tuesday, too!

    Tink *~*~*
    Wednesday at My Mobile Adventures *~*~* -
    It was no picnic! on Sanibel Island

  13. Great finds Mar!
    The photos themselves are just lovely!


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