Tuesday, August 05, 2008

and then...

...we finally made it to the French Alps. This is a village in the 3 Valleys, wonderful ski area, and home of "my" tree. The one I told hi from Melli!

I wonder what's like to live in a place like the hameau (hamlet) you see above at 3pm... zooming in below

The condo before I moved my stuff in...!! Love the carved hearts and the pine trees decorating the lamp, click to enlarge to see the details.

My camera started acting up during my vacation and I couldn't regulate the brightness (among other things)... Then it was very hard to turn on and showed an error message. It's a hardware problem, so they said, and it is currently being repaired - under guarantee. I charged the batteries of my old HP for the time being.

More to come...!


  1. Oh Mar....it sure is BEAUTIFIL there...! The Mountains look unreal in those pictures...They look painted!
    And what a sweet Condo you had....! That little Hamlet is precious...But, in truth, I cannot imagine living there all the time, can you?
    So sorry your camera crapped out on you...And I hope they can fix it quickly, my dear!

  2. Nice condo ! your last picture made me laugh out loud ! I thought white lace pants were hanging in the window ! Tomorrow I am off to the English coast ! Apparently the weather is nice there. I'll blog from there then.
    Unfortunately they cancelled the stop in Ashford with the Eurostar so I have to go to London, take the tube to Victoria and then the train to Eastbourne ! What an expedition. But I will stop 3 h in London, just to say hello to the city, I haven't been there for 7 years !!

  3. Great self discipline to remember to take a photo 'before' things get moved in. I always forget and the place never looks as pristine!

  4. It looks so beautiful. I'm glad you got these shots.
    I love pine furniture and pine paneling too. It looks like a lovely place for hiking.
    I always take at least two cameras on vacation with us. I've had camera disasters before and hate it when they happen!

  5. What a DARLING little cabin! I love it! Did the tree have a message for ME?

  6. Oh Mar, you are on a beautiful spot. Like you I ponder what it's like to live year around on remote places like this hameau. If you are born such a place, may be it's easier....

    Your condo with the wooden ceilings is charming. In fact it's very common in Norway. And I've seen it lot's of places in the Lake District of Chile.

    Have a wonderful vacation in the Alpes. Don't break your legs.


  7. That place is exquisite! I remember seeing places like that on the train from Zurich to Paris, and I wanted so badly to stop and spend some time in one of those little villages!

  8. that's a great looking tree... lime?

    lovely scenery... i'm always impressed by the beauty of the alps, and i don't have to go far to see some of it :)

  9. That looks so delightful Mar. I would love to visit there some time. The closest I've been was taking my daughter from Ulm, Germany where she was doing a brief high school exchange to Paris for a mother/daughter weekend. We saw some beautiful countryside but if I'm not totally geographically challenged, I think the route we took in Germany to France, was north of the Alps. I wish I could travel more but in the meantime I enjoy vicarious trips through your wonderful photographs.

  10. Wonderful pictures! Lovely landscape! The condo looks very comfortable and really beautiful!

  11. I could stay there cozy and happy! IT looks like a little slice of heaven.

  12. What a nice place to be and what a wonderful condo.

    As from Norway, you know I love mountain nature like that - magnificent!

    Hope you can fix your cam, however these pics where great.

    Have a heavenly stay :-)

  13. Looking forward to more!
    Looks like a great place to stay!
    Loved the post on the bridge in the Ardèche region too, I had never heard of it before!

  14. Oh I want more and to know more!. Lovely place. Can you see how Green (with Envy) I am ...

  15. I love the atmosphere of the Chalets in Alpen! I find it so comfy!
    Nice to see The Tree again!

  16. How gorgeous! The condo is such a cosy and quaint place to stay for a holiday! I'm dreaming of a holiday to Europe!

  17. Love the pictures! The condo looks so cute!!

  18. Well it's a beautiful place even with your camera not being so nice to you while it's supposed to preform at it's best! :)


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