Friday, March 14, 2008

skiing is a dance, and the mountain always leads

Post title: ~Author Unknown

I am off to the French mountains
looking for sunshine,
great snow and superb skiing...

Happy Pi Day (Today, specially at 1:59!)
Happy St Patrick's Day
Happy Easter
Happy days!!

while I am having some more of this...
(my first video, only a bit over 20 seconds short.. long)


  1. Lucky girl !! you are going again ! I would be jalous about going away for holidays but not for the snow, lol ! Have wonderful vacations when are you coming back ??

  2. Take meeeeeeeee with youuuu! *clings to Mar's leg and SOBS uncontrollably!* (i know... it's sO unbecoming... but i just can't help myself... would you at least please give me a tissue... before you go...)

  3. what a great video Mar! you did a very good job!
    with such a video, you could ad the ski resort!
    have fun on your vacations,
    love from sis x

  4. Mar - we will be fairly close to each other! Have lots of fun, can't wait to see the pics!

  5. Mar, fantastic video! Keeping making them. You have a flare! Enjoy your vacation! :D Happy St. Patrick's Day! :D

  6. WOW! That is a very complex Video....I would love to see those pictures individually...! Some of it went by so fast, I feel I missed a lot! Congrats on your First Video, my dear.


  7. Have a wonderful time Mar. I love your first video. Very cool.

  8. Allo, what is the Alpes compared to the Andes? Next to nothing. But ski-entusiast around the World have not opened their mind for - well anything else but Barriloche.

    Have a great Easter, and return healthy

  9. Lucky you - most of the Norwegian are going to the mountains seeking snow and skiing too - looking at your vid (it was great - well conducted!) I felt almost at home!

    Wish you a lovely Easter Holiday and a great St. Patrick day for a start!

  10. YAY! The video rocks - thanks for sharing!

    Enjoy your trip, Mar!

    Frohe Ostern - feiert schoen!

  11. A nice little video! I love the view of the little village nestled between the mountains. Have a good time!

  12. Have a wonderful time skiing. Enjoy the sun, the good food, the beautiful view, and come back relaxed and renewed.

  13. You're so lucky to have such great opportunity. Skiing! Yikes! Looks scary to me. Great video and music.

  14. Can I just bring my old fashioned sled and meet you guys at the lodge? :D

  15. I have always wanted to ski. I never had a chance to try and now well now I guess I would definitely break something for sure!!
    Have a great time!!

  16. French Mountains ! Whoa...I envy you.
    Love the French Alps and mountains.

  17. Have a fantastic time away Mar ... and great video.


  18. Oh my goodness what a fun video. Just looks like it is so beautiful there. Have a nice trip.
    Looking forward to your safe return.


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  20. Hope you're having a pleasant adventure!!! I wanted to stop by and wish you a blessed, peaceful Easter Holiday.


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