Sunday, December 16, 2007

sunset or sunrise photo tag

MegaMom started this meme, she tagged Julie who in turn tagged me! Here's the deal:

Show me your sunsets! Or your sunrise, whichever the case may be. It has to be a photo you took. Include a brief description of where it was, and how it made you feel watching that sunset/sunrise. Anyone reading this tag may also join. I am hoping that most of you will have something to share. If not, take out that camera and take photos. At least you will be forced to enjoy the fleeting view, even if only for a few moments.

Sunsets are fascinating to watch because of their intrinsic beauty. I have many sunset pictures but I don't think I have ever photographed a sunrise... I have quite a few pictures but I was specifically tagged for Spanish ones. Find below four of my shots:

This is the beach near by, the Mediterranean Sea as seen in November 06 during one of our walks. I love the beach off season, here you can also see the marina in the background (use your imagination a little bit!)

A sunset seen from my terrace, I would recognize the pine trees! This shot is also from November 06. We often get to see dramatic and vivid colors, which are unfortunately hard to capture with a small camera.

Two consecutive pictures of the same sunset in Northern Spain, near Bilbao, taken in September 06 during a short vacation. It was off season and we sat in a lovely terrace almost alone!

More sunsets and sunrises:
Playing the meme:
* MegaMom's sunset at Port Philip Bay in Melbourne, Australia
* Julie's sunsets from the Philippines
* Carver's sunsets from NC
* JC's sunsets, one in Cleveland, Ohio
* Melli's sunrises in Ocean City, MD

They have sunsets/sunrises in their archives:
* Pl's sunrise in the UK
* Oreneta's sunset near Barcelona, Spain
* Bob-kat's Spanish sunsets
* Nikki-Ann's sunsets

Let me know if you are playing or if you have already posted similar pictures on your blog, and I will add you here.


  1. beautiful sunsets , Mar! Nothing else like a sunset on the Mediterranée in Spania!

  2. Thank you for doing this,Mar.I love the sunset from your terrace in photo number 2. The sea in Bilbao looks calm.

    I hope everything is going well with you and Mr. Mar regarding his best friend's demise. Take care!


  3. Those are really lovely. I have just been back to my blog as I knew I had a good dawn shot which my son took from our balcony when he was here at half term with the children.
    I don't know how to show it here but if you are interested it is in my archives Oct 27th 2007.
    Just popped over from Michele's and am now popping back for brekker.

  4. You are soooo lucky to be able to watch such lovely sunsets from your terrace ! I think I would have to put a tent in our garden and jump outside to catch a photo the day it doesn't rain ! I never see the difference of a sunset or sunrise on a photo. I only see the beauty. And most beautiful once I have seen in Egypt.
    I intend to go to the Brussels' Christmas market this afternoon it all depends on the weather, lol !

  5. These are BEAUTIFUL Mar....! I love Sunset pictures, and like you, I have taken 100's if not thousands! (lol) I have posted Sunset pictures in the past...Pergaps it is time to pst some more....If I do, I will let you know, my dear!

  6. Hi there, I have been lurking for a bit, and I have really been enjoying your blog, this seemed like fun, so I've put up a link to an older post of a storm that came over at was amazing. The photos are taken from near Barcelona.


  7. Those are beautiful Mar! absolutely gorgeous!

    As you know I have a sunset on my blog all the time which was taken in Spain last Christmas Eve :)

    I have other pics of it on my blog under the label 'Spain'.

  8. Beautiful sunsets! Thanks for sharing :)

    My sunsets can be found here -
    Although none was taken all that recently.

    Take care :)

  9. Mar you made my day. What a great way for me to start off the day by seeing your gorgeous sunsets. I had a feeling you would get spectacular ones where you live. You, Mr. Mar, and your friend's family have remained very much in my thoughts. I am glad that you were able to do this.

  10. Oh, so gorgeous! Thanks, Mar!

  11. Mar, my dear....I just can from Michele and I wrote MAX in the place where we put the name of the person above...! DON'T ASK! LOL!
    My eyes are not too good this morning! As soon as I was sent back...I saw quite clearly that it was you, MAR! A fine way to start Sunday!
    Forgive me, my dear.

    These pictures are as BEAUTIFUL as they were when I was last here....!

  12. Hi Mar... love those shots... I've posted a couple sun shots and I've tagged you for 5 Christmas wishes. Hope you can find a few minutes to play along.
    Best wishes.

  13. What a great idea for a meme! And you sure have some beautiful shots!

  14. The thing about sunrises and sunsets is that they look the SAME and it's hard to decipher which is which! I do have some though... I'll choose one and add it to another tag I've received today. Whenever I finally get around to it... sheeeesh! Blog time is PREMIUM these days!

  15. Mar, these are beautiful! So peaceful, and captures the local feel. How I would love to see a sunset in your area... actually, i may be in Bilbao latter part of 08, so who knows?

  16. I'm in...I just took pictures of one last night...

    Merry Christmas!


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