Friday, October 12, 2007


It's All-A-Color-Week The color assignments for the week are:

Monday is Red * Tuesday is Purple * Wednesday is Green * Thursday is Pink
Friday is Blue.
Here is my picture for blue:

This is a shopping mall downtown Hamburg, Germany, called Europa Passage, so they have greetings in most of the official European languages as murals. I like the Spanish one because I am biased! Pls find other greetings below ( click to enlarge).

Breaking news: our Captain has a new (spooky!) look, just check for yourself and don't miss the blogwarming party: today!!


  1. Mar! I'm off today for parts unknown! I had to come by for coffee and something sweet! Well... okay... so the bull is not TOO sweet ... a good representation of BLUE though! Lacking a laptop, I shall see you again on the 21st... maybe the 22nd! Enjoy that Blogwarming Party! Sorry I'm gonna miss it ... looks like it will be a real SCREAM!

  2. Do I have to drink all the champagne by myself? *giggles*

  3. I love blue. It is so rich and thought-provoking. I'll drop in on the Captain later on: the thumbnail is lovely!

    Hi from Michele's on this cloudy and cool afternoon in the "other" London.

  4. So totally cool! Didn't know you were in Germany! I miss that place like CRAZY.

    Michele sent me!

  5. Hey,

    Here via Michele's

    Hoping this comment finds you well



  6. That is a BEAUTIFUL Blue, Mar...I mean---There is BLUE and then there is blue! (lol)
    THIS is BLUE!

    I'm going to go check out The Captain's place in just a moment!

  7. Very nice work, Mar,

    My favourite is the Spanish ``Hola'' shot - especially with the diagonal shadows.

  8. So, having any blood vessels over for the vampires I've invited tonight?

    *ghostly giggles*

  9. Hola, Michele sent me to tell you that I just love blue! And that is a gorgeous blue!

    Have a great long weekend and holiday!

  10. Excellent! Nice vivid blue you got there!

  11. I like the spanish one the best too! Hola!!

  12. Good idea of the city ! Is this a new photo group ? I went over but a part from this week I saw nothing else. I would be interested to join in. I changed my blog outfit as you can see because last year I couldn't do anything I didn't even know how to make a link to somebody, lol !
    I really love to do this it's a pity that when I was 30 it didn't exist as a job ! Tomorrow I take the cruise in an appartment from 1462 (!!) our best Italian friends are living in there. It is really a very special place.

  13. I can tell the Norwegian 'Hei' are missing - very close to the Swedish 'Hej', but then again we are not a fully member.


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