Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen [61] , color and much more

  • Barbara showed me the way to the All-A-Color-Week , the color assignments for the week are:
    Monday is Red * Tuesday is Purple * Wednesday is Green * Thursday is Pink *Friday is Blue.

  • Here is my picture for pink
  • I chose this picture because what's not pink is crossed out with chocolate!
  • Tomorrow is a holiday in Spain: it is Columbus Day
  • celebrating the arrival of Columbus to the Americas

  • only his GPS wasn't working properly ...
  • we get the holiday
  • and a long weekend this year!
  • This is one of those (not very pleasant) weeks: I went to the dentist yesterday (my teeth are whiter than ever! at least until coffee consumption begins to show...) and I have an appointment with the gynecologist this afternoon. Just a regular visit.
  • I love lists and I loved this one: ten whatchamacallits and their real names
  • I also like tips and enjoyed this basic blogging tip: Link-out like a loose lemon. Ahhhh, link love !
  • Don't forget the cyber cruise Halloween celebration!

  • Cheers! this is my 61st TT, even more random than ever :)

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  1. I just saw your king with son in the Euronews and heard of course that there is national holiday in Spain tomorrow.
    Don't forget to smile ALL the time, even if you see somebody killed, so that everybody can see your "new" teeth !

  2. Yesssss... your randomness is a statement unto itself! I LOVE that pink picture! Mmmmm....

  3. Yum on the pink, I want to dig in! :)

    My picture is back working now, thanks for visiting!

  4. hooray for long weekends! :)

  5. We had Columbus Day last weekend. It means the end of tourists where I live.

  6. I was going to mention that one of the desserts was crossed out! It all looks so yummy. For some reason I feel the need to count to make sure you got 13 when I don't see the numbers. Is that some kind of accounting thing or trust issue?!

  7. Ten whatchamacallist and their real names

    That was just classic. :)

    Happy TT


  8. Hey! Love your picture...that looks yummy.

  9. Friday is BLUE day? So you are supposed to post a picture of something blue? I LOVE how these things get started in the Blogesphere....I can't keep up! (lol)...Love that picture, Mar....And that the red is CROSSED OUT by Chocolate...LOL, LOL, LOL...
    Have a lovely l-o-n-g Holiday Weekend, dear Mar....we just celebrated Columbus Day here on Monday...So, Someone's GPS isn't working!

  10. Mar, this was great - random, yes, but so much fun.

    And I hate to ask, but I lost your snailmail address, and the final bit of your gifty thing just arrived. Can you email it to me at Melissa AT MissMeliss DOT com, please?

  11. I had no idea they celebrated Columbus day in Spain....

  12. Your picture is making me hungry! Great list!

  13. Thanks for playing along with us on the All-A-Color week! The pink lids are sent back to the foundation for breast cancer awareness and a donation is made for each one sent in. They are hot pink. They must not come across to well for you.

    Have a great Blue Friday!

  14. Very random but fun list! Happy TT!

  15. You were so creative with your pink. Great job.
    Hope everything goes well at the doctor. Enjoy your holiday.


  16. Well, you're absolutely better than me when it comes to think out 13-posts :-D


    Blog warming party tomorrow Friday 12th of Otober.

    Welcome to see my new look..... if you dare....

    Spread the word!

    *ghost giggles*

  17. Great collar example and the dessert made my mouth watering hmmmmmmmmm!


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