Friday, September 07, 2007


These neighbors have two favorites of mine in their garden: bougainvillea and green apples!


  1. Hi Mar,

    Uploaded Chicken curry and Chickpea Curry recipe. Will upload Carbonara later. Chicken Casserole is a new recipe so will upload that once we have it :-) Beautiful picture again... How are you pictures so clear? Do you have afancy camera or is good lighting?

    Nat :-)

  2. It seems to me that you steal a lot of objects in your neighbor's garden, lol ! Do you only have green (or brown) grass in yours ?? The picture is great ! I have no servants of course, but I always had and still have a cleaning lady. I hate household stuff except cooking. She is a very good soul and handles us as if we were two children who made things dirty, lol ! Anyway she knows everything much better then I do !

  3. Both eonderful and deliectable things, Mar...You should sit and eat an apple while you watch the Bougenvilla!

    Michele thinks so, too!

    I have a new post up, finally!

  4. I am glad Michele sent me here to look at those apples and bougainvillea. Very pleasing to the eyes.

  5. Every time I see green apples, I think of the time I got green apple quick step, if you get my meaning! But ohhhhhhhhh, so good.

    And the flowers [I say flowers, 'cause I have a hard time spelling bouggie villa] are gorgeous.

  6. those garden colors go great together. don't tell anyone, but i pick figs off my neighbor's tree - from the branch that hangs over the street into the public park area :0)

    here from michele's.

  7. Very colourful, Mar.

    Michele sent me here.

  8. Mmmmm! I would just like to PICK one of those pretty green apples! We used to have a tree in our neighborhood when I was a little girl... well... it was on old Aunt Bessie's property -- but old Aunt Bessie was no one's aunt - but she was a nice old lady and she would let us kids sit up in her apple tree all day long and eat apples til we got sick! And she didn't even mind if we carved our initials and hearts in the tree! I suspect now... as an adult... that she was just thrilled to have us eat all the apples so they wouldn't fall and make a BIG MESS in her yard! LOL! They sure were goooooood apples though!

  9. The combination of the two colors is perfect. If I could photograph my two favorite things. . . flower and fruit, I think it would be the tiger lilly and peaches.


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