Thursday, September 06, 2007

thursday thirteen [56] : this time....

again, a very random list...

01. The picture I posted yesterday is not from my piled logs *sigh*, it's a picture I took while on holidays up in the mountains.
o2. We still have to order our fire wood. We usually first use it around mid- october.
03. We are finally having pleasant temperatures in the high 70's. Which means I will be putting away my sandals soon, because my feet get cold very quickly...

04. That's why I took this test:

You are Flat Sandals

Casual yet flirty
You look great in a simple top and jeans
Your look is approachable and cute!

What Kind of Sandal Are You?

05. Mr Mar's birthday is next week.
06. I have no idea what to get him.
07. But that's always the case so I sort of look for small gifts throughout the year.
08. I meant to look for a present this past tuesday because I went to the city center.
09. But I had other errands to run and I ran out of time... I didn't even have time to take some pics around!
10. I got a warm jacket on sale. But at the local mall, not in the city.
11. It was on sale because it is a last winter's item.
12. I can't tell the difference!
13. All what counts for me is that it is indeed very warm! Happy thirteening!

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  1. Just a little coucou, Mar before going to bed, because tomorrow wake up at 6! Just I can say is that my sandals are very "pratiques"! Weather is to hot to have "talons aiguilles" all the day! No? But I admire women who can have such shoes during hours! Even I am jealous of them! If only I could!

  2. I like random lists, always interesting. :-)
    My TT shares Thirteen (quotes from) lyrics by Robbie Williams!
    Happy Thursday! :-)

  3. Good list and a happy birthday a little early to Mr. Mar!

  4. I hope you find Mr. Mar the perfect gift!

  5. You are Slingback Sandals

    Classy and sophisticated
    You dress to the nines wherever you go
    Even if it's in your couture sweats!

  6. nice list. Happy Birthday to Mr mar.... I am quite a shoe person and love sandals

  7. Love the test. It's very accurate too:

    ***You are Slingback Sandals***

    Classy and sophisticated
    You dress to the nines wherever you go, even if it's in your couture sweats!

    Great list. Nice looking blog. I'll definitely be back. Mine's up too - a word related TT.

  8. A nice list. Good luck with finding a great gift for Mr Mar!

  9. I am slingback sandals - which amazes me as you wouldn't catch me dead in a pair of heels that I can't walk in!

  10. I was curious and did the test ! I am

    You are Platform Sandals
    Funky and urban
    You've got a cutting edge style that everyone envies
    A little bit downtown, a little bit euro, and whole lot of sexy!

    Well, well sexy at my old age, lol !
    It's always hard to find a nice birthday gift but usually I always buy something to wear, because he never buys anything and would still run around with the things he wore after our wedding 38 years ago !

  11. Random lists are fun - always surprising to see where they take you.

    Happy TT.

  12. Unusual post idea - I really like it! Your pic of the logs is really good :-)

  13. I love woodfires, I miss them. Not much call for fireplaces here.

  14. I'm afraid of what might come out if I did a totally random list. My ramble are random enough when I'm organzied. ;)

    Interesting as always.


  15. My 13 is up !

  16. Ahh, wood, my husband just spent 2 weekends stacking 3 cords, another sign of winter.

    I have to go do that sandal test, but I am guessing that it will be flat also for me.

    Loved your comment about make up over at my blog, I had thought of that but didn't know how to word it right! So true!

  17. We have gas logs in our fireplace. They really can warm up the room quickly.

    Hope you find just the right gift for your hubby.
    Please send my best wishes to him.


  18. Well happy birthday to the Mister! It's always easy to shop for me -- I always ask for the same thing -- NOTHING! :)

  19. I've given up on getting anything other than a few small extras for my husband's birthday (or Christmas or anniversary or whatever)--it doesn't feel right, but he much prefers a free pass to buy himself model train paraphernalia. Ah, well. I can still pick out fun stuff for the kids.

  20. I'm holding my barefeet as I read this. It's time for socks! Love the firewood photo and hate shopping for birthday presents year after year. Don't we all have EVERYTHING yet?

  21. I always enjoy your random lists. They give a little insight into what is going on in your world.

  22. Random lists are always SO entertaining - now i'm off to find out what kind of sandal i am...

  23. I'm going to have to put away my sandals, too.

  24. Well after a cold and wet summer here I bought a warm jacket for autumn and instantly it's warmed up...

    Great random TT :-)

  25. Well, I'm with you on the woodpile. I did think it was yours while doing the WW yesterday. Happy Birthday to hubbie and I hope you think of something to get him quickly. Have a great TT. :)

  26. Hmm. Present hunting needs time. You'd better get those sandals on and get walking!

    Happy hunting.



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