Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thursday Thirteen [55]: brought to you by the letter E

13 random -special- words that begin with the letter E

01. Eight: as I am writing this it is the Eight of August, that's why I picked the letter E for this TT...

02. Elena: is my mom's name

03. Europe: is where I have been living since 1985

04. Eppendorf: is a district of the city of Hamburg in Germany where we used to live.

05. EspaƱa=Spain: where we live now!

06. e-mail: gotta love this form of communication. Maybe because I don't expect love letters anymore!

07. Eurythmics:I still love their music.

08. Earth: our endangered planet, we should take better care of it!

09. Eggs: love them in any form

10. Earl Grey: my favorite cup of tea!

11. Eyes: it is said they are window to the soul. I love to look at people's eyes.
(The quiz below was taken from my old, old blog, I guess the quiz isn't available anymore, I couldn't find it!)
You chose brown eyes. (Yes, I did: I was supposed to choose the color of my very own eyes ) Brown eyed people are normally very romantic. (I agree with that!) You love to daydream, and sometimes you get confused with your own fantasies over reality (somewhat disagree). You are pretty outgoing (Yes, I think so too), but some days, all you want to be, is alone, reading, or thinking by yourself (or reading other people's blogs!). You have many talents (thank you), and you will probably have a very important job when you're older. (Grandmother??)

The Eye color personality test
brought to you by Quizilla

12. Emmental: my very favorite cheese!

Exclamation marks: I use them way too often!!!

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  1. Eggs, eyes and Earl grey I love too ! and apparently also !!!. I had a nice day yesterday in London but had to notice that everything has become more expensive ! Clothes were cheap because of "Sales" but I didn't find anything for me.

  2. I don't really like to talk on the phone so I LOVE email! I don't know what I'd do without it!

  3. Well, I randomly chose to visit your blog as I saw it on Michele's site.

    Now, however I am intrigued, name begins with the letter "E".

    In high school my spanish teacher called me Elena (there was not an exact match for my name in the spanish language)

    My husbands brother, whom I never have met lives in Eppendorf

    I love eggs & almost any English tea

    Finally, I have brown eyes. your description fits me to a 'T' except fo the 'when you're older' thing, cause I am older...

  4. Earl Grey and Email: couldn't live without them. Also eyes: couldn't see without them. I wish I could take that quiz so I could find out what it means if your favorite color is green...

  5. My oh my! We match on eggs, Earl Grey, and Swiss Cheese - though I haven't had Emmental. I don't think we have that here! And I tried to take your eye exam - but alas that one was not there today! I got a different one instead - and it was a WINNER! It's on my blog!

  6. Eurythmics ... wow, haven't heard them in a long, LONG time!!

    Interesting list. Yep, I'm a boring baseball fan. LOL

  7. Cool list! :) Europe, e-mail, and Earl grey are all wonderful. :) I use too many exclamation marks too! ;) :D

  8. Excellent List of "E". But you forgot to use exceptional, You are quite an exceptional lady. Btw....we should start a green dragon society, I'm a green dragon too.

  9. Using too many exclamation marks seems to be a bloggers disease!!!!!!!!

    Tee hee :)

    Great 'E' list!

  10. Anyone who loves Earl grey can't be all bad!! And how could we live without e-mail? Remember the days of pen, paper, envelopes, stamps, and waiting a week or two (if you were lucky) to get a reply?

  11. Earl Grey == best tea ever. (Am I the only one who thinks it smells a little like Fruit Loops after a while? (; )

    I now must listen to the Eurythmics. I must. (;

    Great list and Happy TT!

  12. excellent list! dang someone already said that.

    I love eggs, too. from my head down to my legs. do they have that ad jingle there where you are?

  13. You use exclamation points, I am the Queen of Ellipses...

    Here via Michele's today!

  14. We share a lot of the same e-loves. Except I would change the tea to English Breakfast :) Have an e-xcellent day from Michele and I!

  15. hi Mar! I havent seen you in so long! Michele sent me your way today.

    i love the name Elena... my mothers middle name is Elaine, we considered it had we had a baby girl... oh and i have never heard of emmental cheese... whats it like?

  16. I also have brown eyes, and agree with the assessment, for the most part. (I do not confuse fantasy and reality, thanks.)

    And yay! Earl Grey and Exclamation Points!

  17. Neat list! My husband had an aunt and uncle whose names both began with "E" and their named their 5 kids all names beginning with "E." There are not many good E names.

  18. I like eggs too, I always enjoy when I receive an email from a friend, I like Germany and one day I'll travel back there! And I'm very sad for our planet when I watch TV and see all bad informations about the climate.I think like you we must care with it! Have a beautiful thursday and remember tomorrow we have a Rolling Stone concert by Renny!

  19. Thanks for visiting my blog, sorry you were confused. I'd been posting over the last three weeks about my kitchen renovations so my hair cut post was meant to sound like I was fed up with the kitchen stuff then trick you at the end.

    come back to visit again!

  20. so...what's next Thursday's letter?

  21. It certainly was an E-normous challenge to find thirteen wonderful E things. You did yourself proud, Mar.

    I tried to do the quiz, but couldn't find it. I did find one about a dragon so did that instead.

  22. Hello! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I was on vacation for two and a half weeks and I'm just now getting around to all those on my blogroll and any new visitors. It's good to meet YOU!
    I am studying to learn Spanish, so I think it is terrific that you live in Spain! Pass some tapas, please!
    And, like you, I overuse exclamation marks.
    I have some Earl Grey tea in my cupboard right now.
    I drink a lot of iced tea now, since it is hot and humid here. Iced tea really hits the spot! I don't use Earl Grey for iced tea though. I use American Classic tea and usually toss in a tea bag of Bigelow Plantation Mint to give it a little snap.

  23. Eurythmics was my favorites too! I even listened to them at the highest volume when I got to the dentist - just so that I shouldn't hear the drilling... *giggles*

    Excellent T13 as usual!

    Don't miss our Rolling Stones concert Friday - we'll be needing the lifejackets! *giggles*


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