Friday, August 10, 2007

Alpine hearts

Heart-shaped decorations are often found in the French Alps. The cute wooden handicraft is also widely used for exterior decoration and mostly seen in wooden balconies. I find them absolutely fascinating but couldn't do it in my neighborhood without looking very kitschy. That's why I started a collection of small hearts I have found in little shops in that area: I can display the little hearts in the quietness of my home.

I love the hikes which take you through little villages in the French Alps, I could take pictures of every single mountain home and its details! I saw this during one of those walks last july.

Gotta love the neighbor with a garage door displaying a big heart!

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  1. And I love the little toilets with a heart, lol ! Do you have one in your door ?
    My holidays are coming to an end and tomorrow I go home. I was so lucky with the weather, sunshine every day. I will miss the coast and my seagulls screaming every morning, but not so much the english food, hehe !

  2. Hello, from Michelle! Nice House!

  3. Hey mar!

    Alpine hearts are always warmly welcome at my house.

    Hi from Michele and from me.

  4. I LOVE Hearts, too Mar...And have lots of small ones all around my house...PLUS, I have, over the years used the Heart Image in probably 200 + paintings...! A series in 1975 and another series in 1987....I noticed in one of those pictures you had posted about a week ago or so, that shop that had lots and lots of Heart things....
    (In fact, I have two hearts sitting near my on my computer desk...One is a beautiful glass (small) lovely heart with beautiful things inside it..A gift from a froend, And the other is a Leather Red Heart Shaped Paper Weight! Another gift. My belief is..One can never have too many hearts...! (lol)

  5. I love the alpine look too. There's something very endearing about those little hearts :)

    Michele sent me this time but I always try and drop by!

  6. Very evocative pictures of the Alps. Makes me want to be there!

  7. That looks like a beautiful house.Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Glad to be here from Michele's.

  8. What a beautiful home. I just love hearts!!

  9. Mar, first time I was in France: 1964 - Chatreuse. Then after: 30 years consecutive. Vacation and Work.
    I have a passion for France. Honestly hope France will recover and realize the worls have changed.
    There are so much creativity and knowledge - pls do not waist it... grr I willsay no more

  10. Oh WOW! I love that house! Heart, stone and ALL! It's beautiful! Hearts would be Kitschy? Awwww... no fair!

  11. Oh, we just returned from a week in the Alps loved it! This is so true about the beautiful ornament and decoration of the homes there. My mom mused it might be nice to build a balcony like those on her Texas home. Now, THAT would be kitschy!

  12. What a gorgeous house! I'm absolutely envious!
    The heart on the garage door is the perfect touch for this beautiful place. Thank you for linking to Guest Heart Thursday!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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