Sunday, April 22, 2007

where was I? part one

I disappeared from Blogland for a few weeks because I had some serious business to do here:

Yes, I went skiing and had enough snow and wonderful sunshine almost everyday. Except for the time when we had to drive near Geneva, then the raindrops appeared. Drove through the beautiful city of Annecy (click for information and also for an informative map, I am very fond of maps because I am lost without one!)

Annecy is a city on the shores of Lake Annecy, 22 miles south of Geneva. A lovely place with a huge park and small bridges. Loved to see the mountains from this perspective and still showing some snow.

I got to visit a dear (I don't say "old" anymore!) friend from college and we were too busy chatting away we almost forgot to take pictures. I asked Mr Mar to take one of the two "college ladies" and he did too but he pushed the wrong button so I have a short video instead, but only like 3 seconds!! My friend lives in a small , beautiful and quiet village. We went out for breakfast (cafe au lait and a croissant!) and had a nice walk afterwards...

I thought it was all so pretty , took a pic , and then I saw a nasty graffiti on a planter box. Oh, well, such is life. So I went around and took the above picture from the other side ! And then we left the cloudy days and went back to the mountains for more skiing and sunshine! To the 3 Valleys (French Alps)

And the rest of the vacation is coming up. Soon! This picture decorated the condo's living room:


  1. Ohhhhhhhh wow! Sounds like you just had a fabulous time! That is such a quaint little village type place! Just beautiful! LOOK what you've done! NOW I want to go to France!

  2. Oh how wonderful!!! I am hoping to be in Berlin the first week of December. Keep your fingers crossed that I can swing it.

  3. Even though I don't like skiing, I must admit that it looks very very beautiful :-)

    Sounds like you had a fab time!

    Good :-D

  4. Great photos, Mar. That village and the planters are so charming (even if there was graffiti). I am glad you are back from your wonderful vacation.

  5. It looks fantastic - both the snowy slopes and the town. I really like the photo you took of you reflected in the ski goggles!

  6. BEAUTIFUL, Mar! You and Mr. Mar are the great Skiers, aren't you? That is a gorgeous place...and the snow looks perfect for skiing...
    That lovely town...So Sweet! (I would hava loved to see the grafittias well...Was it in French?
    Anxious to see more more more, my dear!

  7. Nice pictures ! I especially like the one with the sunglasses, it's very special ! and the icognito skiers ! You were really lucky with the weather !

    Hier sind es jetzt schon 24°C ! (11.45 am) na hoffentlich geht es so weiter, war noch nie so warm im April ! Wie ist es in Barcelona ?

  8. always gorgeous pixies and always lucky to get away!!! :)
    And of all places Annecy! I was born minutes from there in Annemasse. Muy bonita la zona, no?

  9. This sounds like my kind of vacation...since I live in Maui, I drool at the thought of snow and skiing again!


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