Monday, April 23, 2007

Sant Jordi

Today the Catalans celebrate Saint George's (Sant Jordi's) day by offering a rose and/or book, and not only the main shopping streets of Barcelona are filled with book and flower stalls, every community does this too so if you drive around Catalonia you will see images like the random picture I took this morning:

Click here for more information on this lovely Catalonian tradition! Happy St George's Day!


  1. How interesting, because I just read on an English (or was it Irish) blog that they celebrate also St. George apparently he killed a dragon. I don't know this guy except that Mr. Gattino celebrated it as "Namenstag" for his father. The rose is beautiful ! I cut a bunch of lilies of the valley (strange name for Maiglöckchen) this morning they are already blooming and there will nothing be left for the 1st of May, which never happened either !The whole house "stinks" now !

  2. Looks like the Marche des Fleurs in France! What a cool way to celebrate!

  3. What a beautiful rose!!! I like anything that celebrates with roses and books! ;)

  4. Mar - I remember this from when you blogged about it last year. I wish we could import that holiday over here.

  5. Oh, that is a gorgeous Rose too. Have a Happy ST. George Day then :-)

    Cyber Cruise message:
    Bonus today at Racquel - link on my blog.

    Don't forget next port: Tuesday+Wednesday - A peaceful Savannah, US. Debbie is going to guide us :-)

  6. I remember you writing about this last year Mar..(Ly God, a whole year has gne by...Lordy...)..And I loved the idea of The Rose and The Book...It's pretty and so interesting, too!

  7. A holiday to celebrate with roses is a fun one in my opinion. That photo is just the perfect flower.

    Take care,

  8. We have similar traditions in Goa. I guess it's the hangover from 400 years of Portuguese rule. We were liberated only in the early 60s so there a lot left over - our love for wine..., our way of treating life... as we call it "sousegaad", out afternoon siesta, out style of dressing a few of our dances, the way we celebrate feasts - with local fairs and fireworks... maybe I'll do a post on it one day...

  9. You have SO many feasts and festivals in Barcelona! I want to live there! (at least for a year!)

  10. Mar, your five+ questions are in my current blog post.

  11. That's lovely. The tradition and the celebration and the pictures!

  12. Thanks for playing along, Mar. I like your answers!!

  13. Happy Sant Jordi!


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