Friday, April 20, 2007


Aren't they adorable? these wooden marmots decorate a ski resort's tourist information office in France. Love these pieces and the wood feels so smooth! Forgot to ask what kind it is, though. My boys tease me because they know I can sleep like a marmot, all year 'round!

We were sitting on a chairlift last year over Easter and all of the sudden it seemed like a rock was moving... it was a marmot! there were actually two of them. We tried the same chairlift this time looking for them but they either moved to another spot or they were still sleeping...


  1. They are "almost" as cute as my wooden cats, lol !

    BTW thanks for the Graues Brot, indeed I had two who asked me what it is and one translated it for me into "wheat bread" I corrected it immediately otherwise they will think that I eat mouldy bread with nuts !

  2. These are Fabulous! I love them....Beautiful peices, aren't they? What do you mean the wood is soft? Hmmmmm.
    So good to have you back in the Blogesphere, my dear Mar...! I have been very busy---for me---these last two days but I am trying to "catch up" now...!

  3. I meant smooth, OOLOH :)
    so I updated the post!

  4. They are adorable, Mar, and the wood looks so "strokable" and smooth!

  5. Those are sooooooo adorable! I would have had a really hard time not to steal one! Or all three! LOL! I might have to show these to the hubs and see if he can carve me some! LOL! (miniatures of course!)

  6. Those are so cute!

  7. So, you are going to tease us with one photo a day from your trip? Is this just to string us along or something?

  8. Adorable! Here via Michele's.

  9. Those sculptures are marvellous. They look like they feel so smooth and chunky to hold.

  10. Those are adorable.
    Skiing in France? wow!
    I haven't been skiing in 10 years, the last time was in Vermont though, during an easter weekend too & a lot of fun.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog today.

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  12. The marmots are like the ones in our local Sierra Mountains. The wood carvings are perfect.

  13. Funny how cute they are - and they reminds me of this one here in Stockholm:

    The Sea God

    Quite an resemblance!!!


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