Thursday, April 19, 2007

thursday thirteen [ 47]

I am back!

01. I am back and blogging again. I don't think it is relevant for the blogging world but I am happy about it!
02. I was almost 4 weeks away
03. I was first skiing in the French Alps with much sunshine and enough snow
04. Didn't take many pictures because the scenery was pretty much the same every day: blue skies and magnificent white mountains! yes, I am tanned (but it ends right under my chin!)
05. And I know almost all of you are sick and tired of snow. But we had to drive 8 hours in order to find Alpine snow!
06. Did some traveling afterwards
07. And I took some pictures of a couple of places
08. I was in Marseille, France, when I heard about the terrible massacre at Virginia Tech.
09. We just experienced the tragic loss of a dear family member (a different type of accident but just as hard to believe) and that made me particularly sensitive to the terrible news.
10.Driving along the French Provence I saw the beautiful country sprinkled with vivid red poppy flowers
11. and that showed me that life can be beautiful and there is still hope
12. although some other times life is just a huge laundry pile...
13. Laundry can wait, blogs are waiting for me! Happy thirteening!

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  1. Happy TT and welcome back to the blogosphere! Skiing sounds lovely; isn't it neat that it's not too late in the season that it's lost its charm?

    Sorry for your loss, too. :(

  2. Welcome back Mar! It's nice to have you back in the blogosphere.

    So sorry about your loss.

  3. Welcome back. I was on a bit of an "away" myself... nothing so wonderful as a trip in France, though. :)

    Thank you for sharing all these tidbits, I am also sorry about your loss. Especially with the tragedy in Virginia.

  4. Welcome back. Of course your very much relevant to the blogging world. You sure had a great time. I for one
    don't think I would get tired of looking at snow or hearing about it. I have grown up in this world having never to see snow in real life so anything about it I welcome. Sorry for your loss. I was also shocked about the news on TV. Just can't believe such news. Ha ha ha! I love that.....laundry can wait. Hope I can do that too.
    My T13 is up too.

  5. Welcome home! And welcome back to Thursday Thirteen! I would really like to visit France some day. We were in Nice part of one day at the end of a cruise. Just saw what was between the seaport and the airport there! What a shame, huh?

    My TT is also posted.

  6. #10 sounds AWESOME!!! Welcome back :-)

  7. Ohhhhhhhhhh YAY you are BACK!!! I have misssssssed you sO! And let me TELL you -- that envelope full of stamps has kept me going until your return!!! THANK YOU!!! They are fabulous!!!

    I'm SO glad you had a good time! I HOPE that now you are well rested and DONE travelling ... for awhile! You need to get your priorities in line Missy! LOL!

    1.) Blogging
    2.) Travel
    3.) Laundry... and such

  8. I am so jealous. I love to ski and would have loved to have been packed in your luggage to join you on your trip!

  9. Welcome back to TT'ing. And, yes, blogging is more important than laundry! IT will wait. Hope you have enough clothes. :)

    Check out my TT.

  10. Welcome back you mighty travelor you!!

    I'm so sorry you lost a dear friend. It has been a rough week, hasn't it?

  11. Welcome back Mar, glad you had a good time. So hard when you loose loved ones, my thoughts are with you.


  12. Welcome home Mar. Your trip to France sounds wonderful though I am sorry about your sad news.

    Laundry can always wait...until you run out of clothes!

  13. Welcome Home! I've missed you!! Glad you had a great ski vacation. Hubby has skied all over Europe and I know he's totally jealous of your trip!

  14. Hey Mar!

    Welcome back to blogosphere!

    Glad you had a good trip and looking forward to hearing more about it!

    As great as all that traveling sounds, I can appreciate that you are ready for a little more routine.

    My condolences for your loss.


  15. Na endlich ! Wurde aber auch Zeit !! Ich dachte schon Ihr seid in einen Schlucht gestürzt !

    You were lucky to have found some good weather in the south of France, what I had heard was that we had and still have wonderful "southern" weather up to 28°C ! and ther it was cool and rainy !
    BTW I have got a nice wiking hat, socks and 2 books of Sweden from Mrs. Lifecruiser because I won the 1st price for the Hat parade !
    If you have time then scroll and you will find me !

  16. (dancing) mar is back! mar is back!

    Glad you had a good break.

  17. I'm sorry for your loss.

    But I'm very glad you're back!

  18. OH yeah, laundry. I think I'm supposed to be doing that right now, too.

    Welcome Back

  19. Welcome home! Condolences and blessings.

  20. Welcome home. Your holiday sounds wonderful!

  21. Good to have you back! We haven't had much snow here in SC, but I am tired of the cold. The French Alps! Wow!

    I am sorry for your loss.

  22. Welcome back, Mar! It is nice to know you had a good trip, and I am sorry for your loss.

  23. Thrilled you're back! The scenery sounds wonderful - especially the poppy fields. I've only seen those on TV.

  24. glad you had a good time ( never mind that you forgot to take me )
    here from michele, ( the only place I get to go)

  25. Welcome back to the blogworld. It sounds as if you have had some great fun in the land of snow.

    Here, the sunshine started very early. It was like being in Spain.

  26. Welcome back, we've missed you :-)

    Oh,I sooo wanna go out travel now when reading this post of yours....

    Sorry to hear about the loss of the family member, it's always tragic, but it also reminds me of Carpe Diem every time it happens!


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