Thursday, February 08, 2007

thursday thirteen [42]

01. Vacation is over *sob*
02. I spent wonderful three weeks visiting family and friends in Santiago, Chile
03. No matter how many days I spend there, it is always too little time
04. I was very busy talking, listening, chatting away so that I took many pics of dear people but didn't photograph many landscapes...
05. But I am certain I can show you some interesting things, beginning with yesterday's post: it was taken at a handicraft market, in case you were wondering... an old motorcycle turned into a large insect!
06. Got back on monday morning
07. The direct flight to Madrid lasted 12 hours.
08. Lucky me, I was upgraded to business class!
09. Watched 3 movies during the flight: Little Miss Sunshine, The Queen, A good year and a bit of Volver, the Spanish film with Penelope Cruz (Oscar nominee)
10. I am still dealing with jet-lag...
11. Father and son managed alone without problems, but they forget (almost) all about household chores the minute I come in!
12. Went to a Pilates workshop yesterday, we will meet every tuesday evening until March 6. It's a beginners' workshop and I truly enjoyed it.
13. Hope I can remember the exercises I like the most! should take notes right after the class, so that I can do the exercises on my own at home... not an easy task for me! Happy thirteening!

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  1. So glad you had a good time and even more, I am glad you are back. Now, let's see some pictures!

  2. Wow you got to see two of the films nominated for Oscars. I've read on some blogs that Little Miss Sunshine was good but maybe not Oscar worthy but that The Queen was quite good.

    I'm routing for Dreamgirls which I just recently saw and blogged about because I loved it! Mind you it did not get the nod for Best Picture. ppffft!

  3. Oh wow, trip to Chile - sounds amazing!! And getting upgraded to business - awesome!

  4. Hello Mar, Vacations never last long enough do they? Well it sounds like you had a wonderful time and I'm sure that you are glad to be home. Have a great Thursday hun.

  5. Exercising more is a good idea!

    I will Exercise for Comments!

  6. I've wanted to try Pilates, I need to start exercising more. Glad you had a good time with family. Chile sounds wonderful.

    Have a Happy Thursday!

    My T13 is up!

  7. Wow...pilates...I've been wanting to try that but never can find the time to.

  8. Did you like "The Queen" I very much appreciated it. I have been in London 4 days after Dianas dead and could take the "temperature" against the queen.
    Maybe your father and son were assisted by the holy ghost in female outfit ??

  9. ad to know you had a nice time... as for the household chores and kids & husbands... well that's what hapens when mums fall sick as well... see mumma up & running means... abandon stations!!!

  10. Three weeks was a nice visit. No wonder I missed you so much...Whenever the time flies you know you are having a wonderful time. Looking forward to seeing more pictures.

    Take care,

  11. jet lag is the pitts. Glad you're back though.

  12. Good to hear you enjoyed your break. Michele sent me to let you know my T13 are up.

  13. Great list of 13. 12 hours is a long time to ride a plane. It takes about 8-9 hours from Hawai'i to Texas. That's why I made a stop in Phoenix,AZ to visit with some friends for 5 hrs.
    Now that I'm going back to Hawai'i, I'm stopping in Los Angeles for a 5 day stay and go to Disneyland with my grandchildren from Hawai'i. I'm meeting them there.

    I'm up too.

  14. I don't think i could last 12 hours on a plane!!

  15. I'm glad you had fun but i missed you.

  16. There there Mar... I know... vacation is over... it's SAD! Life should just BE one big loooonnnnng vacation! We should be PAID to travel and workout! I'm not sure WHY the government can't make this a paid position! (with full benefits)

    I will be most happy to view any and all photographs you choose to share -- even if they are all dancing nieces in pink tutu's with chocolate on their faces, and lazy uncles reclining in front of football games! (oh, I mean Futball... oh heck - SOCCER!) LOL!

    I got MY postcard yesterday! I had NO idea Santiago was such a HUGE city!!! Golly, I think it's bigger than New York! And... I LOVE the stamps!!! Thank you sO much!

  17. I loved Little Miss Sunshine, wasn't hugely impressed with The Queen though.

    And unrelated to TT, I love your header image.

  18. Glad you had a good trip. I want to see The Queen . . . loved Little Miss Sunshine.

  19. Glad you had a good trip and that you're safely home. :)

  20. Wow. Chile! I'm jealous! I did pilates for a while and I really enjoyed it! Have a wonderful day!

  21. It's so nice to have you back but I do understand that you felt that it was too little time there - I always feel like that on our trips :-)

    I wish I could afford flying business class all the time....

    My T13 is an admission newsflash to become an A-Team Cruiser - check it out :-)

  22. Just came over to see if you were back yet. Vacations never seem long enough, do they, especially if you're visiting your family.

  23. Glad you had a good time Mar. You should let hubby and son take care of your blog next time.

  24. You bet you were lucky to be upgraded. 12 hours is a long time!

    The girls and I are glad you're back.

  25. YOUR vacation is over, so that means someone else's may begin.
    be happy for them.
    but just once Iwill Sob for you
    weep weep
    I should not have looked at those pics before breakfast, YUM!

  26. Glad you had a good time! It's so nice to get away, isn't it!

  27. I loved Little Miss Sunshine -- it was so out of the ordinary, and I love that sort of thing!

  28. What an excellent vacation! :) Thank you for sharing.

  29. I'm glad you had a great time in Chile!

    Sounds like a nice long flight back. How did you like Little Miss Sunshine? I thought it was cute. I've been wanting to see The Queen and Volver.

    Glad to have you back among us in the blog world!


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