Friday, February 09, 2007

let's eat!

Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what's for lunch.
Orson Welles
US actor & director (1915 - 1985)

One of the most "tasty" aspects of going back to the roots to your homeplace is giving your taste buds a real treat...Despite globalization, the food one misses from home tastes best right there, nowhere else! During my vacation I often had lunch with my sister. We very much enjoy a large salad and a large diet coke

But when I am home I love to have typical Chilean foods, including the pictured
: a delicious meat pie , the net has more to say about them:
Quote: These Latin American pastries, filled with seafood, meat, cheese, vegetables or fruit are wildly popular. Thought to have originated in Spain, where the Empanada Festival is part of Galician culture, the name comes from empanar, or to coat with bread. Variations of this form of portable meals are found in Cornish pasties, Italian calzone, or turnovers.
Though empanadas are most associated with Chile and Argentina, many South American countries have their own versions. All recipes use a flour shell, some more bread-like than others, and the fillings vary by chef or locale. Unquote. Find a recipe here.

A summer favorite (although nowadays available all-year-round in the frozen foods department!) is the humita, the bulk of it is made up of boiled corn paste, wrapped in cornhusks, which is then steamed. I have never made them myself, they demand a lot of work in the kitchen. They taste wonderfully summery with a tomato salad! Guten Appetit!


  1. you are quite right about there being nothing like home food... i guess it's also emotional, because there's so much tied up with it... memories, feelings and also the taste....

  2. Looks pretty good...

    Michele sent me to take a whiff of this wonderful food,


  3. All that food looks delicious Mar! I know what you mean about food tasting better at home. To take it further - no-one can make a roast like my mum can!

  4. Oops - forgot to say Michele sent me this time which is cool as you were on my list to visit anyway!

  5. We have a very nice Argentinian restaurant here in Waterloo and they have all these plates. We mostly go there to have a good argentinian steak because the Belgian cows have no taste anymore since they all were mad !

  6. It's funny because you are right. My home comfort food are Maine Lobster, fried clams and corn on the cob. Butter and sugar corn on the cob, that is so tender and sweet!
    Your comfort home food, looks great!

  7. Oh, this looks heavenly. And here I am hungry again. And I agree, there is absolutely NOTHING like home food.

  8. You made me hungry - it's just before dinnertime here - I'm having a gratinated cauliflower, while Anna is off to a banquette.

    I love chilean food, both the empanadas and all the seafood, of which congrio is the fav.

    Beautiful pictures.

    Have a wondeful weekend.


  9. And to think I thought empanada's were a MEXICAN dish! Live and learn! I would never think of eating corn husks -- but those ... things... look mighty tasty! Did you gain a thousand pounds in the weeks you were home? Mama fed you WELL, huh!? I'm thinkin' I would REALLLLLLY like Chile! (and I don't mean the dish that you eat from a bowl!)

  10. I've never had humitas, Mar. I certainly like empanadas a lot. They can be quite delicious. I associate them with Spain, not South America though.

    Michele sent me.

  11. So is the humita like a tamale? Sounds like good food.
    Thanks for visiting my site.

  12. Every thing looks so delicious! I'm glad your vacation was a culinary delight.

  13. Mmm.... making me real curious here of the taste of them. And hungry!!!

    *off to a kitchen raid*

  14. hi, chilean food is definitely great. i spent about a month traveling from santiago north up to san pedro atacama. which by the way should be one of the wonders of the world!!!!
    ciao bella

  15. So .... are you originally from Chile then Mar? *confused* I thought you started off in Germany? Or have I been drinking again? Anyway the empanada look delicious!

    BTW how did you do the pale blue box around your post?


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