Monday, November 27, 2006

day 27: busy, busy

Little time left for blogging ... and not necessarily having fun (see last item on the list!)

My schedule today:

9:30 am -11:00 am : yoga class
11:30 am : coffee with the ladies

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm : knee therapy
4:45 pm : dentist (getting my teeth cleaned)

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Yesterday's post: an update.
While I didn't dare to toucht the thing, not even with a stick, I asked Mr 18 to do it (Mr Mar is still gone on a business trip). It had a very hard consistency! and I was thinking it was soft! nope, not at all, one couldn't tear it apart with a stick. So I decided to use water power , my hose got rid of it (too disgusting to post! it was dark brown below the surface and the bottom was white...) and the base was revealed. Yes, there used to be a pine tree there before, I had forgotten about it and now I see that white spot which might be the roots of that thing, what do you think?? (click to enlarge)


  1. Could it be that the stump was oozing something...and that thingy you photographed was part of the oozing from the pine tree stump? In other word it's not a foreign substance that is sitting in the middle but something that is actually happening with the still "Alive" stump?? Just a thought, my dear...! I LOVE this kind of mystery...!

  2. one hour and a half of yoga! that sounds great!! I only do 20 minutes a day at 11pm.... but i have never slept better in my life since i started doing yoga.
    Enjoy your coffee with the ladies ;)

  3. That's just plain strange. It's almost as though an alien landed in your garden!

  4. Well I would have to say it is definitely a stump...My imagination wants to go wild and say it is landing gear for the flying saucer that was in your garden last night...

    Love a good mystery.

  5. Fortunately I haven't seen these pictures yesterday before I went to bed. That looks disgusting, no wonder you didn't want to touch it. Today after your monday cleaning at least it looks like the stump of your tree and the disgusting thing looks to me as a fungus, because I sometimes also find strange looking fungus in our garden.

  6. i like your new holiday look. :)

  7. Hi Mar. I agree with OOLOTH. I think it might have been something oozing from the stump. I know that to kill the stump you usually have to cut a cross in the stump and pour in plant killer. May be this will stop that growth re-appearing?

  8. Hi, Michelle sent me - desperate for new readers. Hope the dentist was OK.

  9. Wow, that is seriously freaky - ick!

  10. Darn! I WANTED to be one of the ladies! I LOVE to have coffee with the ladies! It's one of my FAVORITE things to do! So I'm glad YOU got to do it -- it was a bright spot in the day! Especially since it came AFTER yoga and you felt like you deserved a treat!

    I'm still stickin' with the fungus of a mushroomy nature... sometimes mushroom stems are VERY tough! Almost woody! But it was NOT a very tempting type of mushroomy thing... It was certainly a disgusting sort of thing!

  11. omg,i LOVE the new look! i have som serious catching up to do with your blog!!!! i'll get to it come dec 1st!!!!!


    i have a writing dilemma on my blog about a paper i need to write... if you have any ideas/suggestions, i would greatly appreciate your input!


  12. Well, i'm glad you're rid of it, though I do think you should have donated it to a college science department or something.

  13. well it looks like you got rid of it... may be you could have it tested to find out what it is???? Maybe some rare living thing............


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