Sunday, November 26, 2006

day 26 - what is THIS??

There is a strange fungus (at least I think it is one!) growing in a small hole in our garden, the size of a CD, very short and sort of related to a cauliflower, it doesn't have a stem and I even took a picture of it to ask the blogosphere about it. But then I decided it was too disgusting-looking for a sunday and maybe I didn't want to have all the information.

I deleted the pics and now I am sorry I did because that thing is changing so rapidly. While it was very pale pink and clean yesterday, it looked dirty and brownish this morning. But now with the sun it looks metallic silver!!! very, very strange, so I am posting the recent pics anyways. Should I dare to touch it with a stick??? I am afraid of what it might come out....
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  1. LOL! It IS GROSS! I think it's more related to a mushroom than a cauliflower. We have had verrrrry strange things - not UNlike this - grow from time to time. They always seem to come and go and NEVER come back! (at least not the same one) But we have had some weird stuff. One time we had this yellow fungus that looked sort of like fish eggs (not caviar) but just sort of powdery moist granules... it was gross! I dumped bleach on it! LOL! I don't know if it helped or hurt -- but it went away shortly after! (probably would have anyway...) I'm glad you took a picture of this though -- it's GOOD to see other people's weird stuff! OH! I know HERE we can take things like this to our Cooperative Extension Service and they can sometimes identify things ... do you have something like that in Spain? Maybe through one of the colleges or something?

  2. It looks like an alien that has just landed; if you touch it, you might get turned into one.

    Michele sent me here.

  3. Hi Mar. I have absolutely no idea what that is!!! It's kind of gross and yet compelling all at once and the silvery bits actually look quite pretty.

    I do like the new look of your blog btw :0) I'm feeling quite festive myself though your counter has me worried. Still so much to do before I go to Spain for Christmas!

  4. WOW! I don't have a clue....! That is bizarre Mar....It's like it's from another planet! UGH!
    Keep socumenting it, my dear...!

  5. I think it's an alien brain. Perhaps some alien was buried in your yard and now his brain is escaping. Whatever, it's GROSS.

    Here from Michele

  6. Oh my! What is it? Will it keep growing? Will it overtake your garden? Should you call a news team? Should you call the fire department? Should you warn your neighbors?

  7. that is just plain strange!!

    Here from Michele's today but would've come by anyway!

  8. This is SO cool! It's like one of those disaster-of-the-week movies on television, where you almost expect the ominous music to start playing on cue.

    Keep shooting and sharing...I can't wait to see what happens to this thing!

    And do keep neighborhood animals away from it :) Michele wouldn't want anything to happen to the little dears.

  9. Weird....and I mean in it in the nicest possible way! ;) It reminds me of those goofy B movies, when they find something strange int he yard it finally takes over the world!!! LOL

    Keep taking pics of it, I'm curious as to what developes!

  10. that thing looks like from a scary movie... all of a sudden it will grow up and let the invaders come out to take control of our world!
    how big is it Mar? like a dinner dish?
    don't forget to take more pics of it... and take good care!
    sis X

  11. Ewwww!!!! So how are you going to find out what it is? Yuk!

  12. Ugh!!! it's really gross.... I hope you get rid of it.............

  13. Very strange! I wonder if it's good to eat...


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