Tuesday, November 28, 2006

day 28 : A - Z meme

Myspace Layouts was tagged by our very charming Melli with this meme. Here we go!

A - Available/Single? available for any fun activity/ single woman in my household!

B - Best Friend? No, I have friends, never liked the term "best", I find it discriminating against my friends...

C- Cake or Pie? Cake, if it's chocolate!

D - Drink Of Choice? OJ, coffee, water, Diet coke, more coffee, sometimes tea, champagne. It depends on the time of the day.

E - Essential Item You Use Everyday? toothbrush

F - Favorite Color? I am currently enjoying red

G - Gummy Bears Or Worms? No, thanks . Got dark chocolate?

H - Hometown? where I feel at home. It is currently Barcelona.

I - Indulgence? little shopping. Shoes, handbags, lingerie...

J - January Or February? January. Anniversary month!

K - Kids & Their Names? one, Mr18

L - Life Is Incomplete Without? my computer My loved ones

M - Marriage Date? January 2nd, 1985

N- Number Of Siblings? Two : 1 brother, I sis

O - Oranges Or Apples? Apples, but only Granny Smith.

P - Phobias/Fears? I am afraid I can't think of one...

Q - Favorite Quote? Always look at the bright side of life... (*whistles)

R - Reason to Smile? Mr Mar is coming home tomorrow after being away - and over the pond - for 2 weeks! It's always nice to have time for oneself but it gets boring (and too quiet) after a few days.

S - Season? Ticket! get me a season ticket to ski all winter whenever I feel like it and the sun is shining. Or else one for a local theater...

T - Tag Three People? I can't, it's against this blog's rules (sorry!) But be my guest : go ahead and tag yourself!

U - Unknown Fact About Me? it should remain unknown , lol!

V - Vegetable you don't like? onions. They just don't agree with me, that's why.

W - Worst Habit? one? I raise my eyebrows, it drives Mr Mar crazy!

X - X-rays You've Had? legs, knee, teeth, elbow...

Y - Your Favorite Food? pasta, pasta . In any variation! Warm or cold. Al pesto or simply with olive oil. Just pasta!

Z - Zodiac Sign?

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Now I can sing the abc song! what this little one still can't (found this adorable pic in the net)


  1. You worked hard on this meme lol ! Drink Champagne in the morning, that's good for blood circlation ! I think you have italian blood in you or maybe spaghetti veins ! We also eat pasta in every form possible ! And our son of it's own would eat 500 gr !

    I love red too ! and I still like the outfit of your blog !

  2. I love pasta ... we had it with tomatoes, pancetta, onions, capers and plenty of garlic last night! Yum!

  3. I wonder why that little child looks so sad?

    I'm a pasta person myself, too! Love it!

    Thanks for stopping by my new site!


  4. Good answers! I especially liked your answer to 'P' - very funny! Some of your other answers have got me thinking about food - pasta, chocolate cake adn champagne! mmmmmm

  5. Okay, if I access each post through bloglines I can get them and comment! Whew!
    Yes, I am totally with you on the dark chocolate.

  6. i like dark chocolate too! it's a mood booster. :)

  7. That's terrific! Mind if I steal it?

  8. how lucky are you, having no fears or phobias in life! :) Mr. Mar is home tomorrow YAY!!!! BH is leaving to England tomorrow and i'll be home alone again....
    Liked your definition for H. That is how i feel as well.

  9. LOL! Fabulous list Mar! So... when I come over, we're going for coffee in the morning, and PASTA for lunch! Oh... what will we do for dinner? I can't WAIT to find out!!!

  10. cute list...but I'll take a pie.

    I'm doing a birthday poll over at my blog. stop by if you get a chance.

  11. I love your answers Mar...they are truly individual and consistant, too.....Chocolate, YES! Dark Chocolare, YES, YES, YES! LOL...
    Where did Mr. Mar go here across the Pond? I know you are glad he is coming home!
    And, PASTA.....Yum!

  12. You are a hoot :) I love your answers. Seems like this meme is going around the net...I was tagged with it last week.

  13. I just ate onions last night with my dinner.

    I too love pasta, but I think you love it much more than I do.

  14. Great answers!! Onions are an unusual choice for a disliked vegetable!


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