Friday, November 24, 2006

day 24 - Barcelona Olympic Port

Olympic port, built for the 1992 Olympics

This is a postcard from my collection (yes, I also buy postcards from the place I have been calling home for the past 13! years) . I liked this one because I couldn't possibly get this view of the Barcelona Olympic Port with my digital camera. This area was fully regenerated before the 1992 Olympic games. At the time it was essentially a piece of land with warehouses, rail lines and industries which converted into a large coastline park with appartments. These were originally used to house the athletes, and afterwards sold or rented to the locals. It is nowadays a very modern area with many busy bars and nice restaurants along the port.

Here you find a famous architectural piece by Frank Gehry : Peix (Fish), which you might be able to spot on the lower left, next to the beach. It is the golden sculpture, closely pictured here . Right behind it on this postcard you see the Arts hotel, a 44-story 5-star luxury hotel, owned by the Ritz Carlton Group. A very nice place to stay, I assume! specially if you are way up there, overlooking the whole city.


  1. Hi....over visiting from Claire's Being Me Blog. Love that postcard photo. Barcelona is one of my favorite cities that I had a chance to visit while living in UK and travelling around Europe.

    Really nice site. I will have to wander around a bit more ....

  2. If I could own a bar, I'd name it: bar "CELONA"
    (I guess the play on words doesn't work in english like it does in spanish)
    The first time I've been there was in 1978... my goodness! almost 30 years ago!
    I was a teenager, so I couldn't realize the wonderful city I had in front of my eyes.. but since my dear sister is living there, I've had the chance to visit her many times and discover the great Barcelona.
    New York? the city that never sleeps? nonsense! Barcelona is the target!
    In a few words: I LOVE BARCELONA
    greetings from sis X

  3. It sure is a very splendid scene. It's awesome.

  4. I'd love to come see this some day!
    I really like your new look, too. :)

  5. Here from Michele.
    That is a great view in the postcard. The sculpture is aptly named. It looks like you can see the glistening scales with different shades of gold.
    Love the Christmas theme, although I am having a really hard time getting into that mode.... another year come and gone... time flies too fast!

  6. Very nice postcard ! I have been in Barcelona in 1967 but don't remember very much. The only thing I remember was that I didn't like the spanish people and found Barcelona boring and dirty. Of course I compared everything to Italy and on top had a broken heart lol ! I am sure that has changed a lot by now ! And your blog too ! I thought I were on a wrong one, looks very nice.

  7. gorgeous aerial picture. Never been to that part of town. There is much to Barcelona that remains to be seen.
    Btw, did you make it to the Expo area (site for the Expo 98) when you were in Lisbon earlier on this year?

  8. What a fantastic view! Barcelona is on my rather HUGE list of places I must visit, although it is nearer the top, who knows I may finally get around to a visit next year!

  9. Wow, that is beautiful. I agree with you. Sometimes postcards give you the best view of places.

    Here from Michele's but I stop by alot anyway.

  10. Ooh, Barcelona. I wish I had been able to go there when I was in Europe...I have seen pictures of some really fascinating architectural goodness, and I'm sure there's more besides. :)

    Hello from Michele's!

  11. Love your new Christmas look, my dear....Barcelona is so beautiful...And I love Frank Gehry's Designs and Sculpture...! WE have the Fantastic Disney Concert Hall here in Los Angeles!

  12. I love the gold art work, very creative. I also buy postcards from where I live. The postcard photographers are so much more talented than I am.

  13. Whoooo hooo! Look at YOU! All dressed up for the holidays - YAY!

    Oh you are being SO unfair in your attempts to get me to come to Barcelona! You act like I don't WANT to come there at all - and you must put up these OH SO TEMPTING photo's with which to "lure" me there! I am SAVING my pennies as quickly as I can! So far I have $42.19 ... how much longer do you think I'll have to wait???

    I really need a coffee now, please! And maybe a little "something" in it?

    Honestly... Barcelona is just GORGEOUS and I really have GOT to come there!

  14. Very cool post card. I like that it has a calendar on it as well. Very cool :)

  15. It is a beautiful aerial shot!

    Now I'm not going to put a Christmas theme up on my blog (only 'cause I just changed my template and whoa is me I don't have time to do that as much as I would like to) but I think I'm gonna have to get a ticker factory banner like you to put up to make it look a little more festive since it is now one month until that big day. The little holly leaves are so cute!

  16. Ahhh... sometimes I buy postcards too... This is a lovely view and I so wish I were there!!!!

    BTW: Great Christmas template :-)

  17. I was last in Barcelona in 1991, the summer before the Olympics. There was a very cool old ship in the harbor that was used for some movie that I can no longer remember the name of, and I took a ton of photos of it.

    Barcelona is about my favorite city in Europe. It's cosmopolitan without being snotty, full of fashion but local arts too, the bird market and the architecture are so fun to photograph. It's just beautiful and you're SOOO lucky to live there.

    Here via Michele

  18. Mar, how come I can't comment on your newer posts? I see them in bloglines, but then can't pull them up normally and comment?
    Anyway, have a good day, and hope you aren't too exhausted at the end. It does sound like a busy day to me!


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