Thursday, November 23, 2006

day 23: self-portrait thursday and turkey-day

Get yours here! And to those of you celebrating Thanksgiving today:

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  1. What a great way to start off my day...I am number one!!

    Love your self-portrait project. You look beautiful. I am going to have to learn how to do some of this fun stuff you ladies are doing.

    I will have a piece of Turkey for you today...Oh don't tell my bird


  2. Got my turkey in the oven, vegetables peeled and ready to cook. The pies are made. Can I go back to bed now? LOL
    Happy Thanksgiving Mar. Love the picture!
    Love, Maribeth

  3. How cuuuute! The self portrait collage! I LOVE it!!! Mar... I'm lonely today... EVERYONE is off playing Thanksgiving 'cept me. Do you have some coffee ... and maybe a biscuit or a bagle? We can sit an look out at your beautiful sea and ENJOY!

  4. I love the Andy Warhol look to today's photo. Great!

  5. Thanks for visiting my Wordless Wednesday - love your self-portrait - it's very Andy Warhol.
    The hedge hog cake is sooo cute in your WW!
    Have a Happy,

  6. Michele sent me over to sunny Spain and you, Mar.

    That's a nice portrait, Mar. Very stylistic. Has a Andy Warhol feel to it. No Thanksgiving thing for me today but maybe on Saturday. Who knows?

  7. Very cool photos. Happy Thanksgiving to from Michele's.

  8. v. warhol.
    hello from michele's

  9. What a creative self-portrait. Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. cute self portrait and thanks for the wishes. We did have a very nice dinner (the food was fab!) and MIL was great.

    Hope you had a great day too!

  11. Andy Warhol eat your heart out! And I am loving the new Christmas look Mar :o)

  12. am loving the new look on your blog. Very creative.
    Am feeling like i only come around to steal stuff these days - might go and check that self-portrait link. Btw, eres guapissima! :) Hehe.

  13. "Hello, Michele sent me." ;)

    Cool site!

  14. Those pics of you are so cool! Very retro and stylish - they remind me of Jackie Kennedy. Classic.

  15. Very nice--thought there might be 13 of you!

    My TT is up.


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