Tuesday, October 10, 2006

old postcard: the Acropolis of Athens

I got my old postcards out, it is always nice to look at them and read the handwritten, friendly messages. And - talking about Greece - I found this old one sent to me by my American college friend Dave, who was biking around Athens in 1983. He was a world tourist and I have more than a couple of his postcards in my collection. But the one below had a preferential place on my pinboard, see the small hole?? lol! (click to enlarge)

One can tell is an old postcard because of the print quality, but the place remains the same... One can see the Parthenon from any place in Athens, almost. Just the way it was intended. And one can see here more of the Parthenon than what we actually saw, since they found out that prior restoration works were not properly done and had to tear a lot down... These temples date back to the Classical Period (450-330 B.C)... that alone always leaves me speechless!

You can reach the Acropolis taking a subway... that is the most striking thing when visiting an historical place, because you have both the ancient and the modern world together! The entrance to the Acropolis is free on sundays, we didn't know this and we thought they were not charging a fee because of the bad weather on that day ! (see prior post). We took the path behind the ruins of the theatre you see right above. This theatre wasn't open for visitors, unfortunately.

Back to Dave, who sent this postcard: I thought, what a pity I lost track of him! second thought was: there is google nowadays, just google him. So I did. And voila!!! He is now just a click away after more than 20 years! Have you found old lost friends through internet?? And another question: isn't this picture way too big?? I think I am out of proportion now that I have so much room!


  1. Oh Mar...the first thing I said to myself when I saw that picture was how FABULOUS it was to be so big!!! (LOL)..So, it is all in the eye of the beholder, isn't it? I wish I could get my pictures to be that big!!! HA HA!

    Isn't that great that you found Dave...Tell me this: Do you just put his name in, in Google? Or do you have to say more than that? I'm sorry I am always asking you questions...but, I am very interested in what the best way is to search for someone...

    I do hope you will show some more postcards and I'd love to see some of your pictures posted sooo big, too!

  2. like OOLOTH, i am loving the big picture! It is great to get in touch with friends you haven't talked to in ages.
    My roomate from highschool who now lives in Chile, searched my name on Google and found me! Hehe. We had lost touch for over 6 years, so it was great to hear from her again. It is good to have people at your finger tips through Google, but a bit scary at the same time...

  3. It is a great picture. Nice post.

  4. oh man! I SOOOOOO want to go to Greece. Maybe next summer.

  5. It isn't too big! I love that you can see it all in panorama, almost! Thanks for the visit and comment, Mar.

    I have found a few people on the web and several have found me. It is a modern miracle, for sure.

  6. I love the old post cards... they seem so much more... I dunno... ummm romantic or something...
    I'm still looking for friends from when I lived in Saudi... Old friends are the best..

  7. I love postcards. :)

    Mar - maybe you could use yahoo or picassa or flickr. There are many photo sharing outlets out there usually free or close to free.

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  9. The Acropolis is the most amazing place I've been aside from Ephesus. I am crazy about ancient history and when I lived in Greece it was so easy to get to so many amazing places steeped in history.

    Reading your post served to remind me what it was like to visit the Acropolis...I just wish I had been interested in photography at that time because I don't have any pictures of this amazing place!

  10. A great and evocative card. I've backpacked to the Acropolis and remember the heat of the day the first time I visited.

    I still have some leather sandals I bought in a nearby shop.

  11. I have always wanted to see The Parthenon. I saw the replica in Tennessee, lol. Someday.
    And I love these old postcards.
    Your post inadvertently inspired my post today. :)


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