Friday, September 22, 2006

first blogiversary

A year ago on Sept 23rd I stepped into the blogosphere and began a blog in English - my first one in Spanish had only two faithful dear readers (my sis and a friend of mine) but as always I wanted something different: MORE. And decided the best way to get some instant attention was to participate in the Meet & Greet comment game. But what to post? I thought a local festival could come in handy as it was a neutral topic and maybe of interest (at least more interesting than reading about just another new blogger!) Therefore I will never forget my blogiversary: it is always on the festivities of La Mercé, dedicated to the patron saint of Barcelona, the Virgin of Mercy, which involves a fabulous assortment of popular Catalan traditions and mythology. The city celebrates by hosting one its largest street party of the year with street music and dancing, fairs, theatre, concerts and parades. Firework spectacles light up figures of dragons and devils, and gigantic folklore icons of Catalonia ('gegants': see picture above) are paraded through the city centre, while traditional teams of 'Castellers' build human pyramids. The festival, which officially first took place in 1902, is a way to say goodbye to the summer with a bang, welcoming the cooler months of autumn (information gathered from the net).

This year 2006 isn't any different, there are hundreds of different activities taking place in the city. The festival has events that run from Friday 22nd to Monday 25th September. Including a hip hop concert my son- Mr 18 - and his friends plan to attend on sunday, which begins at 2:30... in the morning! But that is not all: a French group is scheduled to play one hour later! I still cannot get used to these hours...

Happy blogiversary , thanks for your kind attention, I can't believe it's been a year already! A bit of blog "history" and curiosities can be found below. But don't leave without having a piece of cake! Update- because Meribeth started it and I think it is fun: pls tell me where from you are leaving a message! because you ARE leaving one, aren't you ? :D
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  1. Happy blogiversary! And may you have many more~

  2. Cyber hugs and kisses on your Blogiversary!!!! From the mountains of New Hampshire!

  3. from far away I have to say: don't ever think about leaving your blog
    I love all your "reports", they keep me closer to you
    feliz blogiversario!!!
    sis X

  4. Great Site!! And happy Blogiversary.

    Hi from Michele's

  5. Happy Blogiversary!! Glad you brought your blog to the Meet n Greet so we could get to know you!!
    It's always a delight to visit you here!
    From the beautifiul mountians of Western North Carolina!

    (and here from Michele's!)

  6. Happy blogoversary. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. Happy Blogiversary!!


  8. Hi Mar! Happy Blogiversary! I'm leaving a message from rainy Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It ain't pretty, but it's home and I love it!

    Hope all is well with you. Michele sent me today.

  9. Hola Mar. Me llamo Juan y soy de Pamplona. Felicidades por tu primer "blogiversario" :) Yo en 4 días cumpliré 4 meses con mi blog. Me he tomado la libertad de añadir tu blog a mi blogroll. Me gustaría muicho que si puede ser, tú añadieras el mío al tuyo.

    Nuevamente, felicidades :) Ahora, a por el 2º

  10. Happy Blogaversary! I'm so happy you went to english! {{{hugs}}}!

    Come do the Blog awards this weekend at my blog!

  11. Happy Blogiversary!!

    I came from my mother and father. Oh, wait...that's not what you meant...I came from my own Blogroll this time. :)

  12. From North Carolina, USA, Mar! Happy Blogiversary and many more. I really thought it had been longer for you.

    Michele sent me this time.

  13. Happy blogiversary you know what I just MISSED mine, I went and checked after reading it was your one year mark and mine was a couple of days ago oops lol.

  14. happy blog bday mar!!! It's a great blog and am happy to be one of your readers. :)

  15. Happy blogiversary Mar, from sunny Sydney Australia.

    We've always loved seeing you here, first on Glamorouse and now on the Ladies Lounge - and who knows, maybe one day in real life!!

    We've promised the kids and ourselves we'll go back to Spain in a couple of years and Barcelona will certainly be on the itinerary.

    Congrats again. Bec

  16. Happy Blogiversary. I came from November rains blog. Isn`t blogging fun with so many great blog friends?
    I am from NY in USA

  17. Happy Happy Blogaversary, Dear Mar...I am about 20 days behind you with my first one...And I know I met you through Michele at M&G..and what a wonderful day that was! I hope you continue blogging, my dear for years and years to come.
    I'm writing you from Los Angeles, CA., USA!

  18. Happy blogiversary ! One year already that's wonderful. I have to wait a while, I only started in July and you know why ? I looked for documentation about Egyptian cats, landed in cat forums and then cat blogs and started one of my one. Oh these cats ! they changed my life completely with this blogging ....

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  20. Happy Anniversary to you! It's amazing how many of us started doing this around the same time. My one year blogiversary is 9/24, altho I need to put some up about it.

    Congrats again and may you have many more years of happy blogging! It's fun to connect with nice people like you.


  21. Happy Blogversity to one of my favorite bloggers. You always take me to far and exotic places and always make me feel like a welcomed guest. I think I will nominate you for an Emmy..In best foreign blog category (I don't think there is a category but I will submit it anyway!)

  22. Happy blogiversary, Mar! I remember seeing your blog on Wendy's comment casting call a while back :)...

    I am commenting for Arizona :)

  23. Happy Blogiversary to you! I enjoy coming here and hope we will all be around this blog world for a long time. :)

  24. Good for you!! Glad you're still doing it! :)

  25. happy ONE! lets go around again!

  26. Happy Blog-iversary! I started my blog just over a year ago as well.

    Greetings from Chicago, Mar!


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