Thursday, September 21, 2006

thursday 13 {30}

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blogiversary !

01. I am about to celebrate my first blogiversary in a couple of days.
02. I don't think I need to say how wonderful it has been since you blog too!
03. I had a different url, with way too many ads because it was for free. It seems I changed the name of my blog every other week at the beginning but my name only once ...
04. My first post was about a local festival.
05. and I played Michele's Meet & Greet comment game. Thanks, Michele, for a great concept!
06. Utenzi was the first one to leave me a comment. Thanks, utenzi!
07. Thanks to each and all of you who have been kind enough to leave a comment here. If you still haven't left any, today is your big chance! and now the following blogging questions (8-13) are brought to you by monday madness :
08. How long have you been blogging?
- Oh, let's see - about a year :)
09. How many times have you taken a break from blogging?
- I haven't... should I?
10. How long is the longest you've gone, so far, without posting on your blog?
- Three weeks, because I was gone on vacation. I seldom blog when on vacation because I am either too busy or the internet connection has to be paid...
11. Have you ever met, in person, a blogger on your blogroll?
- YES! I had the privilege of meeting rashbre earlier this year. He is still the one and only, lol!
12. How often do you update/change the 'extra' stuff on your blog?
- I used to play with the template a lot without much success due to my lack of knowledge until the wonderful Denise rescued me and gave me an extraordinary facelift. It was actually a complete makeover. Thanks, Denise!
And another generous blogger made my avatar and three personalized TT headers (see one example above), thanks tnchick !

13. Do you think you'll be blogging for years to come?
- Only if you promise to drop by every so often! AND you leave a comment ... :D

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  1. It's still Wednesday here......

    And I will always be around the blogiverse somewhere near you, Mar darling.....

    Happy Blogiversary!


    Thanks, cq dahhhhling!!! oh, I know I am early :) but it will be thursday in half an hour!

  2. Happy Blogiversary! May you have many more years of self-publishing success! (I hope I can be still blogging in a year.)

    Happy Thursday to you, and hopefully, I can get my list up soon as well.

  3. You are so early this week, I would get mine up but I have to go somewhere ( I can't really talk about it right now, TV stuff lol)

  4. Happy Blogoversary!!! When I had mine last May I couldn't believe it had been a whole year.

  5. Happy blogiversary :-)

    We're glad to have you here. May you continue a happy blogging life for many years to come....


  6. Cheers to one year of blogging! I really enjoyed reading all your posts, going through all your photos and of course your comments on my blog. Wishing you more blogging years to come.


  7. Congratulations to you! I really enjoy your blog - and hearing about all your wonderful travels.

  8. Happy Blogiversary! Times are running so fast. You have a beautiful Thursday Thirteen Banner. I also wish I could meet one of my bloggers. Haven't yet.
    My TT13 is up too.

  9. Happy Blogiversary to you my dear Mar!! I'm so very glad that you started blogging, because now I have been able to meet a wonderful gal! You are a delight! And I hope you continue to blog for many years!

    Happy Thursday, and my TT is up!

  10. How great for you! Congrats on your almost blogiversary. That's a really fun accomplishment!

  11. Happy Blogiversary! And may you be around along time. Whoohoo!

    I'm up too.

  12. Happy anniversary. Really enjoyed reading your list :)

  13. Feliz blogiversário :o)
    Que cumplas muchos más.
    Have been loving coming around and following you on all your travels.
    btw, i was trying to catch up on some of your earlier posts, from a year ago, looked at the archives but could not find posts prior to December. I am looking in the wrong side of the sidebar?

  14. Happy Blogiversary! :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your past year of blogging. :)

  15. Happy Blogiversary to You!!!! Here's wishing you many more happy posts!!!

    Happy Thursday!

  16. Happy Anniversary! What a great milestone!

  17. Happy (almost) Bloggiversary!!! I've been at it for almost two years and I won't be stopping anytime soon!

    Happy Thursday!

  18. Happy blogiversary! And Happy Fall! :)

  19. i promise to come back and I always love to comment on your blog. :) Happy Blogiversary!

  20. I've been blogging for about a year and a half. I think I've only ever missed 2 days in a row. Even on vacation I blog about it and during it. I don't know how long I can keep up this pace, but I also can't imagine dropping it all. Happy blogversay! Mine are "on line."

  21. Love your TT header. Hehe, if I'd known about it earlier I might have asked to borrow it for my TT post this week ;). Mine's all about coffee.

  22. Here from Michele.

    Happy Blogiversary! Who knows, perhaps we will see this word in the next edition of Webster's Dictionary.

  23. Hi mar! I love stopping by your place since I seem to recall that you also have teenagers which gives us much to talk about! Happy Blogiversary! You know, that I've had my blog about 2-1/2 years! It has truly changed my life. i just love it and I think of all of my blogfriends as such great people.

    Hope you're well. Have a great day!

  24. Congratulations, dear Mar...WOW! Almost a year...Fantastic!
    I started blogging almost a year ago, myself...I too had a different blog for about a month...then, the blog I have now I started November 7th...So, my Blogiversary will be coming up pretty soon....
    I hope you do stay around this wonderful Blgesphere for-ever!!!

  25. Okay, just checked. My Chaotic Home blog is 11 months old today. My boys' blog is a bit older. I will continue to blog FOREVER. Have met way too many cool people this way to ever consider quitting. ;)

    I've posted my Thursday Thirteen. Enjoy!

  26. Have a happy Blogiversary! It's a wonderful day.

    Have a Happy!

  27. Happy Blogversary!!

    I have been blogging for a while..2 years in Jan. I don't think I've ever taken much of a break except for when we moved or went on vacation. I guess about a week off.

    Cheers to many more years of your blog :)

  28. Happy Blogiversary.
    I enjoyed your list.
    Happy TT. Mine is up too.

  29. Happy First Blog Anniversary!! So glad you're here!

    Have a great Thursday!!

  30. congrats on your almost anniversary! I'm glad you like blogging and are here to stay :=)

  31. happy blogversary!

    here from michele's!

  32. Happy Blogoversary!!! Here's wishing you many more, posts, comments,and blog buddies!
    Happy Thursday!! :P

  33. Enjoy a glass of something special to celebrate! Best wishes from London!


  34. Enjoy a glass of something special to celebrate! Best wishes from London!


  35. Aww, happy blogiversary! And Happy TT!

  36. Happy blogiversary! I have two fairly neglected other blogs and just started this new one for a place to really be able to explore my new life.

    My Thursday Thirteen is up - it is thoughts about my recent weight loss surgery.

  37. Congratulations on your Blogiversary!!

    Time really flies when you are on this computer. We are blessed with good blog friends.


  38. Here's another comment - will that help to keep you blogging?
    Michele sent me

  39. Happy anniversary!!!

    Wonderful list! Happy weekend!

  40. Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

    Jenny Ryan (Atlanta, GA)

  41. Happy blogiversary!

    Here via Michele's

  42. Happy Blogiversary Mar. I am so glad that your blogging experience has been wonderful and I am honoured that you continue to play my little weekend comment-fest.

    You did clebrate by having a glass of wine, didn't you?


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