Sunday, July 16, 2006

if I won the Blog O's...

Killired is hosting the last Blog Olympic Training Camp before the announced hiatus!

Here is your official invitation to come to my virtual party, it doesn't matter if you participate in the Blog Olympics or not:

If I won the Blog Olympics!

I will be pleased to welcome you all here in this Olympic city. Barcelona hosted the Olympic Games in 1992. As part of the party we will of course tour the city and the Olympic stadium, seeing the wonderful communications tower (see pic), one of the landmarks of the Olympic Games 1992, designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. In case you are interested, see some images of his amazing works here.
Update: OMG, look at this!

You will get all kind of printed information and all important links so that we can concentrate on the important things in life: fiesta!
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The best place to host a summer Blog Olympic party is the beach, let's all go the Mediterranean since Barcelona has many beaches to offer. And maybe I can even get a hold of these people to play some drums for us (drum roll, pls!)

There will be Spanish specialties of course! Different tapas including the delicious Spanish tortilla pictured above, also known as Spanish omelette. Find a recipe here and a whole list of them here. There will also be all kind of beverages available, beginning with sangria . If you have any particular wishes, pls let me know and I will try my best to have it ready for the party, specially for you!

Here's a helpful glossary of meaning of Spanish food terms in English in case I am busy and you wonder what's being served!! Look forward to a fun party which doesn't have to end with the sunset!

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As always, you will find the best gossip the latest news at Lazy Daisy's. And now I am off to invite our charming hostess, who will be busy partying around the blogosphere (me too!).

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  1. very nice Mar! I decided not to even give this one a try! I have never hosted a blog party and I am too tired from my trip to try!! But you did great and deserve the Gold!

  2. I love Spanish omelette and tapas ... so much more interesting than a full meal. A little of this, a little of that - fabulous! And Barcelona is way up there on my list of places I should visit as an adult, it was just a big hot city with strawberries & cream and a great beach as a child.

    Have a great sunday

  3. Great party Mar! I loved the beach and touring the Olympic stadium. Barcelona is beautiful!

  4. Yummm - Tortilla was my favorite! Carmen used to make them for me almost every day for lunch... Ahhh... there is nothing better...
    I printed out the recipe and I'm going to try it. I'll let you know how it goes.

  5. Oh this is GREAT, Mar! I'm coming back later today...To go to a lot of your links...Particularly, My FAVORITE Architect...Santiago Calatrava!!!

  6. Fantastic are a great hostess, Mar! I'm not doing a hostessing skills are almoat nil. *s*

  7. WOW MAR! No NEED to have my OWN party -- I'll be spending all my time at YOURS! You WON me over with the beach! And the food... and the entertainment! LOL! Well, it's just a fab party and I'm SO glad I came!!!

  8. Wow! you've done a wonderful job! I don't play this, but, you've done a wonderful job!

    I'm the cheerleader remeber!

    Go Mar Go!

  9. Wow, totally great job Mar. You've thought of everything. Such a marvelous hostess.

  10. Wow...nice party even if I didn't play.I love the last picture!

    Michele sent me.

  11. Not forgetting the works of Gaudi in the city and las ramblas, of course!

    It can't fail to be great!

    Best greetings from rashbre

    (ps and here via Michele this time!)

  12. sounds good to me! Good luck
    i gotta get to Spain

  13. Hi there - here from Michele's.
    I loved that beach picture! Georgous.
    Off to find out more about these Blog Olypics.


  14. Pass the Sangria and the sunscreen!!!

    Great job Mar!!

  15. Great party, Mar!! The tours were wonderful...and the food makes me want to hop on a plane and get over there!!

  16. Great party Mar I am sure you will get a gold for this one, I was out all day yesterday and today is the kids first day back at school.
    I don't have time to do this camp so no gold for me obviously.

  17. oh mar, you are such a great sport! thank you so much for participating and you did a fabulous job! i'll take an extra large sangria... oh what the he77, gimme the whole pitcher!
    thank you thank you thank you! you get a GOLD for sure with this! i love the pix you posted and the places you're taking your guests to is sooo cool and appropriate for this event! thanks again! you can go rest now! :)

  18. mar, I couldn't even garner the gumption to do this. :) Your national anthem is playing and they're putting the gold around your neck!

  19. VERY WELL DONE!! I love the pictures! :o) Thank you so much for visiting my blog & for your comment, I appreciate it A LOT! :o)

  20. Oh, oh! A PARTY!!! Am I too late? I love a good party, where's the nip?!?!

  21. Wow Mar . . . you really deserve the gold medal! You sure know how to throw an olympic party! Great job!

  22. I am certainly not for the blog olympics per se....but I'd really love to adventure out and attend the party on the sea!!!!
    Count me in.

    I'll be the one with the bells in my hair.

    Let's boogie!! Let's party.


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