Friday, July 14, 2006

few fun facts on friday

I have been busy, busy. You know, home alone and all that free time to allocate... So I only had time to check out this site (except for the first fun fact) for today !:

- Today is National Nude Day . Source of information is Carmen !
- Over 40% of the women in the U.S. have been a Girl Scout (is it your case?).
- Einstein never learned how to drive a car.
- An item must contain 92.5% silver to be considered "sterling silver".
- Broccoli has twice as much Vitamin C as an orange.
- The "black box" in commercial airliners is actually orange.
- Humphrey Bogart never said "Play it again Sam" in the film Casablanca (really?)
- Britney Spears is an anagram for Presbyterians.

And last, just to make us all feel thin:

*A baby whale gains about 200 pounds a day!

Happy friday! yes, TGIF!


  1. Darling Mar...These are great fun!> I think Bogart said..."Play it Sam,you played it for her---you can play it for me..." LOVE that movie!
    The facts about the whales truly does make me feel thin...well, at least for a minute here...(lol)

  2. heh heh. at first i thought it was a post about nude girlscouts

  3. Some really fun facts....
    Thanks for your kind wishes & for visiting my site. I am much better today and taking things 1 day at a time...Please keep me in your prayers

  4. I wasn't a full-fledged girl scout, I was a "brownie" and my dad used to say all we did was meet to eat cookies and drink koolaid. ;)

    Thanks for the shout out!

  5. I can relate to the baby whale!
    National Nude Day. Well, under the circumstances, I don't think I'll be peeling off my swim suit anytime soon!
    Already knew about the black box. Hubby was an Airline Pilot!

  6. Yes... Miteymite is my mom, and PresentStorm is my wife....

    I thought everybody knew that....

  7. Great, interesting post! Here from the first time from Michele's!

  8. Hola Mar!

    Me gustan tus 'facts':)
    Buen fin de semana! Besos... tu sabés.

  9. You are just a chest full of info. Some of it I knew most I didn't and I count myself a well read man. I'll be back.

  10. You must be a great asset at quizzes or playing Trivial Pursuit! Hope the week home alone is going well!

  11. LOL...Well, Michele sent me back to you my dear...I STILL haven't put up my NEW post...Oh Well...sometimes the blog must take a back seat, you know? But, not the visiting!

  12. Hi, from Michele's! Good thing I'm having broccoli tonight!

  13. Mar,
    I just shouted across the hall to husband who is on his computer, "Hey, did you know today is nudist day?" He just laughed and said, well maybe it will be a good day after all.

  14. nice facts - i knew about broccoli, bogart & black boxes, but nude girlscouts was news to me:-) You know you are going to get all sorts of hits off that phrase don't you?

    Here from micheles today. I have been visiting regularly, just not commenting so much recently - too busy, too stressed:-(

  15. I knew a couple of those, but that one about gaining 200lbs a day seems astonishing!

    And hi, today I'm here via Michele!


  16. I was a girl scout! I made it farther than most girls do, too...I hit senior - level and there wasn't a troop to support me. I ended up assisting the leader of a troop of juniors instead...

  17. Hey, these are lots of fun! And the baby whale factoid was the best of them all! Thanks for that!

    Hope you're well! I haven't been by in a while, which is why I'm thankful for Michele, who sent me. Have a great weekend!

  18. back again from micheles before bed, so I thought I'd offer these facts from your linked site:

    You can't sneeze in your sleep.

    The albatross can fly while sleeping

    Morphine is named after the Greek god of sleep.

    Night night:-)

  19. LOL...I'll see what I can do for you Mar on your request...!
    BTW:The Photo's of the Flowers are up!

  20. Sounds like you've been having a fun time home alone! I'm home alone this weekend, and I'm really excited.

  21. You know, that's a pretty good list! :)