Thursday, January 12, 2006

Jueves 13

1. First "13" in 2006! Third time, but first time with T13 here, pls find my original blog here. Trying blogger again because the other host has too many ads, the posts get blank portions, etc...
2. Ski vacation is over , but the ski season is not. Thus I still think snow. Let it snow. Don't eat yellow snow.
3. Forgot to bring my new plant inside before leaving, too much wind caused notorious damage. The beautiful plant has to wait now to look beautiful again. *sigh*
4. I'd like to read all Harry Potter books (yes, I know: I am slow...and late) - I have read only the first one way back then because my son wanted me to, went to see the film with him too. But I wasn't ready for more. Now I am, after watching film 2 and 3 over the holidays.
5. Does Alan Rickman have something to do with it?
6. I also want to read the "Chronicles of Narnia". Yes, "El león, la bruja y el armario".
7. I realize that it is a lot of reading, so I should start soon.
8. Currently reading John Grisham's "The Broker".
9. Borrowed it from our local library.
10. Which has a (very) limited English section, so I am not particularly demanding, I am happy if I just find a book to read in English.
11. A special event will take place on friday, the 13th (of this month).
12. My sister lives on a 13th floor.
13. Thirteen is Mr. Mar's lucky number.

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  1. I would like to read all the Harry Potter books too...I love reading but somehow I just never got around to them. I will this year hopefully!
    Thanks for the visit and I am going to post my weight (and measurements) on my blog like you suggested. :-)

  2. I hope you can find plenty of reading time.
    thanks for the visit to my TT list. I will add you in the morning. I am off to bed now.

  3. If you run out of things to read, there's always my novel! :) My 13 are up!

  4. Great job! I love to ski! Cheers!

  5. Thanks for stopping by straddling the line... great to meet a new (to me) blogger! Happy thursday!

  6. hiya mar! got your message that you had moved. updated my link already! i like the new place! *wink*wink* :)

  7. Harry Potter are good reads - but I reckon they are going to date pretty quickly, so get 'em while they're still good:-)

    Welcome to blogger (or is it welcome back?). I like it.

    Link updated.

  8. OOoo...what's the special event??!!

    Interesting list...too bad about the limited library selection, at least there's something!!

    My 13 are up! Have a look!

  9. Hi sweetie :-)

    welcome to blogspot :-)


  10. That is a lot of reading! I wish I had the time and patience to learn a foreign language. I took Spanish in High School and College, and I used it some afterwards, but was never 'fluent'. My accent was good, but my grammar was terrible. I think it'd be cool to pick up again.

    My 13 are up!

  11. Here I am. I'll change your "address" on my blogroll. No time to read the Jueves 13 right now but I'll be back! :-)

  12. Thanks for the 'heads up', Mar...Taking a bit oif a break just to say..."OF COURSE"
    Hope you like your new-old home!(lol)

  13. I'm hoping to read the Chronicles of Narnia soon too.

  14. Friday 13th.. Thats my dad's bday.. He was also born on a Friday.. I'm thinking of just crawling in bed and sleeping the day away tom..

  15. Like the new look Mar; hope you are happy with the change.
    I have read all the Harry Potter books and I love them! Also read The Broker. If you like Grisham, you would love Baldacci, but it may not be available in your library. I read Narnia 30 years ago, but they are set to be read again soon.

    What is the special event next Fri. the 13th?

  16. That is a lot of reading!! I love to read and have read all the HP, which are great. Actually just reread the last three books in the series in the last two weeks. I'm such a nerd! LOL

    The Chronicles of Narnia which are a fantastic read!! Have you seen the movie yet? Excellant!

  17. Looks like a lot of reading planned for 2006. Michele sent me!

  18. And today is Friday the 13th! :) My daughter is reading the kid's version of Narnia now. :)

    Thanks for visiting my 13!

  19. Friday the 13th is the day I'm going to win the 103 million euros from EuroMillions!!! Wish me luck!

  20. Hi Mar!
    Back again (via Michele's this time but I owed you a visit anyway!)
    I read and re-read (until the covers fell off) the Narnia books when I was a kid and am very pleased to see them so popular now... although a little worried about someone above me talking about a "kids' version" of Narnia - hello? They are ALL the kids' version!! I can vouch for reading them repetitively from the age of eight, so how much more kid-like can they be? Anyway, it's very late at night here and I probably shouldn't be grumbling over something so trivial! I got your message and will check our link to ensure you are updated. So glad you're back!

  21. The Broker...hmmm...I just recently listened to that on tape and found it, well, a bit predictable in that John Grisham sort of way. But it is in English and therefore most likely preferable to many of your other choices.

    Michele sent me!


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