Friday, July 11, 2014

rest ~ pasta

    rest     pasta 

Barcelona at Christmas time.  The giant noodles are part of the city's Christmas lights: a soup with this particular type of noodle  pasta (galet) is part of the Catalonian   tradition, and it is served on Christmas Eve.  As you can see, the galets rest on the street...


  1. Now that is fun! Love the pic :)

  2. Love your choice of subject to highlight for this week's Photo Hunt. And I'm glad to see you back Photo Hunting. Was thinking (sadly) that like Carver, you had decided to stop taking part in this meme.

  3. What an honor for the pasta ! Seems to be conchiglies !

  4. Hi Marcy, this is a beautifully composed shot. I love how rich the colors are.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. The giant noodles look adorable :D

  6. Great shot!
    I hope you have a restful weekend :-)

  7. Those got to be the biggest pasta I have ever seen (in photos).

    Hi! How are you? :)


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