Tuesday, November 30, 2010

T is for toes

ABC Wednesday

T is for..
-  toes... hiding in the sand.
terraqueous:    consisting of land and water, as the earth.
-  temporise  : to delay; to procrastinate

I am pictured here in a late-summer evening doing what I would like to do
-  terdiurnal:  three times per day

T is for time, which we all lack... Make time to do all those important things in life!


  1. I just walked in with freezing toes from a walk in the snow, so your picture and the memories of summer are most welcome!

  2. Oh, yes!! Warm toes in warm sand!! I would so love some of that! Like Jedediah, mine are freezing after walking the dogs!!! Fun post for the T Day, Mar! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!


  3. Like ticklish toes buried in sand!!

  4. Some wonderful T's you have there my friend and I love the feet and the crocs :) Better yet, planted in the sand at the beach...nothing better :)

  5. Beautiful shot - love the soft tones.

  6. Great take on T. I have shoes like those but mine are purple.

  7. I love sand between my TOES!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. That's such a lovely spot to look out on the ocean! I would very much like to sit there three times a day. :)

  9. "Nobody knows, tiddley-pom, how cold my toes, tiddley-pom,
    are growing." {-)

  10. It's much too cold and rainy to experience that here right now. But I do love it in the summer. Great shot and words for today! :D

  11. Great snap! I wish I were kicked back on a warm beach!

  12. You are a sadist ! I should sit there instead I sit in Waterloo with - 8 °C and snow !

  13. Wow, what a nice composition a great for "T". Thanks for visiting our post!

  14. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The thought right now, of sitting on a beach exposing my toes chills me to the bone - here we are Day 7 of deep snow! Still I am warm, have fuel, food and good friends!

    Thanks so much
    ABC Team

  15. For Crocs as well?
    Nice photo.

    It's cold in Barcelona as well, right?

    Here in Oslo we have had the coldest November since 1919.
    The year my Mother was born (she is still allive), but she can not remember since she was born in October that year.

    Have you by the way seen the Scandinavian Skywatch? Here called: Heavenly.
    Lifecruiser and I are participants.

    btw. I'll bring my computer across the Pond, so I will try to update and be updated as often as possible.

  16. Wonderful shot! It's always nice to have a time for yourself at the beach. Very relaxing!

  17. Great reminder for T day. Quite a nice shot too.


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