Wednesday, September 02, 2009


This is an updated re-written post after the fourth comment since I mistakenly posted way too early for a photo challenge...due on October 1st!! I left only one shot of the original post. Many thanks to Gattina for being so clever and for helping me out!

I took this shot yesterday on my way back to the car from the wonderful first rehab session with Jorge , who has magical hands and pampered my left ankle. Ten sessions have been scheduled, so I will be there again this afternoon.

I like this type of street art, love the duck, isn't he cute? Funny thing is, it is right next to a major police station!!

The Spanish word of the day is pato, it means duck...


  1. Excellent Mar...just excellent :)

  2. Great shots Mar. I love the Graffiti!

  3. very nice ! the gas station guy is stupid ! he probably wanted money. I never ask I just shoot ! and innocently walk away. If somebody is screaming behind me I am deaf.
    I just asked Melli when this project would start, because on her blog is nothing yet !

  4. Great shots! I went out today and took the camera so I could start capturing, but I forgot the list and couldn't remember a thing on it!

  5. This kind of "Graffiti" I would call street art too. Some these painters are real artists !

  6. He's quite a cheeky looking fellow, isn't he? Very cute.

    What happened to your ankle? I hope it isn't serious.

  7. Well! That little PATO would have been just woooonderful in my scavenger hunt!!! But he is wonderful OUT of my scavenger hunt too!!! LOL! Adorable!

  8. I like that kind of street art too. Great shot of the mighty duck. I hope your rehab goes well.

  9. Agree,
    this great compared to ordinary tagging


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