Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ruby needles

From my garden. This small cactus is growing in a place where we cannot accidentally come near it, the soft needles are impossible to remove from one's skin!!

If you know this cactus' name, please let me know!

Update: Paula, pls be aware that for some strange reason I am not able to leave a comment on your blog!! sorry about that. And you don't share an e-mail to let you know this...


  1. My Amoeba -- the botanist, says it is a species of Prickly Pear. I say it is gorgeous!

    Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  2. That looks like:
    Opuntia rufida

    Desert: Chihuahuan near Big Bend, Texas
    Height: Up to 6 feet
    Pads: Circular, 6 inches, covered with velvety hairs and reddish glochids
    Flowers: Bright yellow, orange with age
    Fruit: Red and fleshy
    Elevation: 2,000-3,500 feet
    Once when I was little I remember see these all other the desert Floor by New Mexico.
    Happy Ruby tuesday

  3. Absolutely BEAU-U-U-tiful Mar!!! Stunning.

  4. Oh Mar, those are soooooo pretty. I am sorry we missed them, we were in Barcelona this spring (end of April) and the 'dry country' was not in bloom yet. [We did a driving holiday, Barcelona to Carcasone, FR, over the mountains through Andorra, and back to Barcelona. We had lovely stays in Barcelona and other placs here and there.]
    Happy RT, thank you for your visit and nice comment. Yes, the rest room bit was a shocker!

  5. Wonderful RT picture my friend. It is so amazing what Mother Nature can produce. Beautiful :)

  6. what a pretty cactus! i have a similar cactus on my desk but with pink flowers. love this photo.

  7. I had some catching up to do, but it was a delight! This one is so pretty, and perfect for the theme. But I don't know what it's called? Aaaah but Auntie E did, problem solved then!

  8. My first thought was Prickly Pear -- and I see Amoeba agrees! YAY ME! LOL! It is sO unusual for me to get that right! It's a beauty though! I love that shot!

  9. Have no ideas about the name - very exotic to a Norwegian you know - but very nice captured Mar!

    Btw: Sorry I haven't been around that much lately - have been touring France with out mutual friends you know :-)

  10. Now THAT's what I call a fascinating cactus! Perfect choice for Ruby Tuesday!
    Hugs and blessings,

  11. Glad others could help with the ID since I had no idea...it's very pretty!

  12. Touching cactus spines—
    is it an act of faith or
    complete foolishness?

    My Ruby Tuesday

  13. That's a strange cactus ! Looks so soft. I came back yesterday evening I left Eastbourne at 9, stopped in London and visited around the whole afternoon. It was so nice to see all these places I knew so well again after 7 years ! Yes these red telephone booths are still there and working !

  14. I LOVE this Opuntia....I have one in my garden, too....It is so very pretty and as you said--TREACHEROUS! LOL! It is an OPTUNTIA RUFIDA....Great Picture, my dear...!

  15. I just found your blog, and I'm glad I did - this cactus is gorgeous, as are the rest of your photos! I'll be back!

  16. I love cactus! This one is beautiful with it's orange colour!

  17. You never stop to amaze me.
    That said:
    We all missed you at the Blog gathering Chez Claudie

  18. Pretty cactus, I never seen such lovely one.

  19. Thank you, I will write a post to share my cactus garden and will mention your this lovely cactus and your blog in my post, check back tomorrow. http://singaporeplantslover.blogspot.com

  20. Hi, I have a link back to your post here, http://singaporeplantslover.blogspot.com/2009/08/cactus-table-top-garden.html
    Thank you. Let me know if there is any problem.


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