Monday, May 12, 2008

weekend snapshot and L is for loquat

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I was in Barcelona last Friday when I saw this huge European Union flag being displayed . Then I learned May 9th is Europe Day: On the 9th of May 1950, Robert Schuman presented his proposal on the creation of an organized Europe, indispensable to the maintenance of peaceful relations. This proposal, known as the "Schuman declaration", is considered to be the beginning of the creation of what is now the European Union.


L is for ... l o q u a t

lo·quat Pronunciation[loh-kwot, -kwat]
1. a small evergreen tree, Eriobotrya japonica, native to China and Japan, cultivated as an ornamental and for its yellow, plumlike fruit.
2. the fruit itself.
Also called Japanese plum.

Loquat in flower. This is a cultivar intended for home-growing, where the flowers open gradually, and thus the fruit also ripens gradually, compared to the commercially grown species where the flowers open almost simultaneously, and the whole tree's fruit also ripens together.Image via Wikipedia
Loquats are unusual among fruit trees in that the flowers appear in the autumn or early winter, and the fruits are ripe in late winter or early spring. The one pictured above is a neighbor's and I took the pic last Sunday.

I have one small loquat tree in our garden among pine trees so it doesn't really grow. I don't mind since I am not particularly fond of this fruit... More (google) pictures can be found here.


  1. That's pretty interesting about Europe Day...that happened exactly one day before my mom was born. :)

  2. That's a pretty huge flag! How interesting, a Europe Day!

    I was surprised to see the loquat plant because it is grown in China. Like the fruit and uses it for cooking meats. :)

  3. huh! i'm living in Europe dunno about this ... lol! Thanks for the info...nice post for WS! Hope you have a nice monday and a fresh start to your week! Mine's Up too hope you can drop by...

  4. It is a lovely Bush/Tree...But I'm with you on the fruit! (lol)
    I LOVE that building where that banner is....!

  5. I didn't know that about Europe Day. That is an enormous flag and it looks quite nice draped over the beautiful building. The loquat tree is lovely reaching up to the roof. I really like that style of roof. Very appealing.

  6. They have loquats here in Taiwan. I would like to munch/nibble it as a fruit. :D

  7. What a photo, like two dreams come together--one the architects, the other, the political scientist's!

  8. Wish I could climb in your purse and just be able to enjoy all the sights you get to see my friend.
    You truly make the most of your time.
    That is one impressive flag. Looks wonderful over that unique building.
    Hope you are doing well.


  9. Great choice for "L." I love learning about new things. Is the loquat related to the kumquat?

  10. Thats interesting shot...happy hunting!

  11. I had never even HEARD of a loquat! I've heard of kumquats! (more like tiny oranges) You gave me a new brain wrinkle! That's been happening a LOT lately with this alphabet challenge! Can't believe how educational it's been! (not on MY blog of course... but around the blogosphere!) *g*

    That United Europe flag is HUUUUUUUGE! Wow! That's gotta bring out the patriot in EVERYbody!!!

  12. Mmmmmmm, does it taste like plums then? The tart/bittersweet taste? :::drool:::

    That huge flag is beautiful isn't it?

    Oh and your "key" photo for "K" is very cool too.

  13. I'd never before heard of Europe Day! Thank you for sharing that.

    I enjoyed your L post, too. I enjoy looking at loquats more then I enjoy eating them.

  14. wow 1950. I didn't know they thought of it then...makes sense though!
    Great photo! HAPPY WEEK

  15. What an enormous flag! Just imagine how many people can't see out their windows!

  16. Nice well composed photo for L and good info - I didn't know what it was.
    I loved the flag over the building - good capture.

  17. that is a huge cool flag I never knew any of that

  18. i think i have seen these before but never knew how they are called.
    thank you for enlightening me :)

  19. Good post! Nice pics and I've learned something new today.

  20. Great picture of that Gaudi building with all its wobbly tops and the bulges which reflect into the flag!

    Barcelona is a great city!

  21. Interesting plant. Thanks for the info.


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