Tuesday, May 27, 2008

From the ground up: Day 3-- my nr 1

Looking up in my dining room
with a bit of editing just for fun
The lamp came with the house, matching its style.

More pictures from the ground up at JFargo's

When I mentioned in the prior post that the pictured plant came with the house, East Coast Life graciously said...

It came with the house? Oooo, lovely flowers. I hope they didn't leave you their bed. :)

I had to smile at this because... they did indeed!! This was a summer home of a Barcelona family, built in the early 60's when driving 25 km /15.5 miles was a long distance to come to the beach! the former owners left a few things in the house simply because they didn't have room for them in their town house. Which included beds! And we were very happy about it as it meant we could move in right away after an agreement with the owners and we could leave the apart-hotel were had been staying at for about 3 weeks. In fact the hotel management was very friendly and helpful, they let us have a complete set of sheets and towels (free of charge!) which we used for a week in our new home until the movers brought our belongings from Germany.

We then got rid of the beds but kept the pieces of furniture which had been made and designed specially for this home, the dining room lamp is one of them. And our (mostly inherited) antiques fit perfectly in our Spanish home!


  1. Looks just wonderful - you did the right thing keeping the antics :-)

  2. Fabulous lamp. I think I want to see more of the house!

  3. I really like the effect you have applied to this photo - nicely done! :)

  4. Very pretty! Love the lamp!

  5. I hadn't seen the lamps first and thought you were laying under a table and take a picture from the ground, lol ! then I read the text and had to laugh !
    I have two men on the roof cleaning the tiles it's so noisy !! Arthur helps !

  6. Such a treasure you have there...
    And of course I love the way you chose to show it to us.
    Hope you are doing well.


  7. hahaha.... I'm tickled. Thanks for posting more details.

    You know Mar, for the Chinese, it is inauspicious to sleep on second-hand beds. We would try to take whatever furniture that's useful but not the bed.

    There is an exception though : A childless couple could accept the used bed of a couple who have many children so that they would also produce children. Old folk's tales. hehe.....

  8. I love the blur effect on this! Very nice shot.

  9. If the entire house has that wood ceiling then it sounds perfect to me.
    Your picture is beautiful.

  10. Mar...this is a very interesting shot! Had you not explained...I may have been baffled a little :)

    I agree with quilly..would love to see more of the house!

  11. Lovely!
    I'm glad to see you in this project too. This was a great idea and the blur effect is wonderful.
    Like Quilly - I wanta see more of the house. It sounds gorgeous.

  12. this was very pretty. love the blur at the edges :)

  13. MARvellous post.

    btw. Thanks for kind words and thoughts regarding my Son's sudden death. It helps

  14. Nice lamp, Mar! Like Gattina i didn't see the lamp in a first time! I love wood for interior decoration! It makes me think to the chalets à la montagne!

  15. Very interesting picture. It sure beats all those towers.

  16. That is beautiful. I love the effect of the photograph too. That is great that there were some pieces of furniture made especially for the house and that you got to keep them. I enjoyed the story too about how the hotel loaned you sheets and towels.

  17. Looks great. How wonderful to have things that goes with the house like that, without being forced to search for them.

    About the bed, well, sometimes we have to be practical....

  18. Very Very interesting Mar....I LOVE that you inherited certain things with the buying of this house....! And having "built ins' is always great, isn't it? Wonderful Lamp, my dear.


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