Tuesday, November 20, 2007

sightseeing in Seville (1)

Upon our arrival in Seville at 9am and a nice breakfast, we went for a walk. In fact, we did a lot of walking but it was needed because a) there is a lot to see and b) to counteract the effect of all those delicious tapas!

At the Plaza Nueva we were greeted by this bull. A sculpture used to decorate the Expo 1992. It was already 15 years ago!

Here is a view of the Cathedral,It is the largest of all Roman Catholic cathedrals (Saint Peter's Basilica not being a cathedral) and also the largest Medieval Gothic religious building, in terms of both area and volume.

The Cathedral also has a large collection of religious jewelry items, paintings and sculptures, along with the tomb of Christopher Columbus. Click to enlarge the pic of the cathedral at night.

The surroundings of the Cathedral are very busy, there were many tourists reading maps (it is very easy to get lost because of the oh, so narrow old streets!) and the horse-drawn carriages waiting for tourists opting for this kind of sightseeing...

Forgot to ask the price, just to know it...

I was busy following the others in the crowd and at the same time I wanted to capture everything with my camera...

A restaurant ready for the lunch crowd...

This was around 11 am, the first tourists were already seated and ordered a bit to eat. And those are bitter -orange trees, they are all over the city and they give Sevilla that special perfume in April!!
Nearly every place offers this sight, the traditional and delicious Spanish jamón:

Loved this sign, it was a flamenco place with a live show:

And here is where we ended up having a nice pot of tea, don't you love the name??

Stay tuned, I have more pictures...


  1. Ahhh, I was hoping for pictures Mar, and you did not disappoint! I LOVE the name of that restaurant...lol!
    What lovely streets filled with inviting eating places....So very pretty....The Catherdral is gloriosly beautiful!

  2. I didn't know that Christoph Colomb's grave was in Sevilla ! Since I am blogging I become a living Wikipedia ! Everything looks very "spanish" and I love the restaurant's name it was just made for you !

  3. Oh, My. This really looks like a city I would LOVE to visit! I simply ADORE the look of it so far. Love the architecture, the restaurant, the signs.

    ...and I have to mention those horse carriages separately, because they are so exquisite elegant! In the same excellent condition as our Royal carriages! *whistles*

    Though the horses may not be quite up to the royal standard, but still good for carriages.

  4. Oh - the Jamon!!! Me gusta mucho... I forgot how good it is until I saw the picture... the memories came flooding back to my tastebuds...I'm salivating.

    Enjoy your trip!!! Can't wait to see more pictures.

  5. Love Seville, it has a special something. The pictures are fantastic. Hey, I remember the Expo! What I remember most was that it was HOT, and the lines were endless, but in spite of that I had fun.

  6. Looks like so much fun! I would have HAD to take the carriage ride...just factor it in with the cost of being there.

  7. You got some great shots. I will look forward to the future ones you mentioned. Looks like a charming place to visit.

  8. This is a very clever intro to Sevilla. Have never been there. But I’m told I need to visit before too late. Where do I have that from? UN? May the City drown. Forget the predicted Crises and have fun and memorable experiences when there.
    I want more.

  9. This looks like a great city to visit. The Jamon looks delicious! And I would love to ride in the horse carriage. Wheee.....

  10. Thanks for this marvelous visit in Seville! We learn always more! and really pics are beautiful! Columbus, I have always the film with Gérard Depardieu in my mind!


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