Friday, July 05, 2013

photohunts: go! & observe children

   go     observe children

As much as I enjoy watching people, young and old, I feel uncomfortable taking pictures of strangers, particularly when little children are involved. Therefore I was unable to find a fitting capture in my archives so  I chose this one from my Chile pictures: observe the little pelican children watching the older one go! Pacific Ocean in February, summertime in the Southern hemisphere. 

PS: I am  missing google reader terribly, I have an option... but it really isn't the real thing. Using feedly, what are you using?


  1. You spent a lovely summer in the southern hemisphere. The little pelicans should be on the go by now.

    I miss Google Reader too and I have yet to find an option.

  2. This entry works well with the themes.

    I never use the Reader; I have bookmarked sites on my computer that I check fairly regularly.

  3. A beautiful pic of the pelican children :) I never tried Google Reader so would be no help. :( Like ewok I just read off the website or use a program called instapaper to read offline.

    my Photo Hunt blog entry for this week

    Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend :)

  4. Great shots Mar and a good take on the themes.

  5. Nice photo. I am using the blogger feeds, although I'd like something better. How do you find feedly?

  6. I'm with you in feeling not entirely comfortable taking photos of young strangers and putting up online. I get around it by trying to make sure that they faces are not visible in my photos.

    But FWIW, I love your photo for this week's Photo Hunt! :)

  7. Great shot. I've never seen a baby pelican before. I use bloglovin.

  8. Hi Mar, very cool capture. Love the action shot of this nice pelican family.

    I switch between Feedly (Free) and BasQuz ($9/year). They're both good, but for some reason I like BasQuz Reader better.

    Have a great weekend.

  9. Great photo for both themes. Pelicans are so interesting to watch dive into the water for fish.

  10. I also had a little trouble about going out and taking picture of children. I didn't want the ideal of someone thinking I was some type of sicko.
    But I lucked out and over 4th my grandnephew went swimming and it's not a close up. If I couldn't fine any children I was going to take picture of some of son old toys. Thinking out side of the box.

    Sure looks like a nice place and bet those pelican sure can beg.

    Thanks for stopping in...Coffee is on

  11. These are cute kids too ! If I hadn't Toby, I would never think of taking pictures of children. I had to dig in my archives to find some others which was when my friends granddaughter had school fest !

  12. Love your take of the pelicans. Luckily I have children and lots of nieces and nephews, so that is never a problem for me. I’ve also asked others before if it was alright for me to photograph their children playing. Normally, people are accommodating if it is in a public area. I always offer to email them the photo if I use it on my blog.

    Elizabeth T, Early Rise

  13. It won't be long before those young birds are going off as quickly as the adult ones!

  14. creative! stretching the theme is not bad at all. that is one nice pic. :)


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