Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Theme: Fish

Perpignan building for Theme Thursday


  1. Thanks for being the first person to post, as the mantle of TT is passed on to me. Not sure if you tried to click my link of my first "fish" post without success, but I have now fixed it.

    The fish in your picture just makes me think that he is looking for Nemo, it must be the big eye. It is a cool picture. Is the fish carved out of wood?

    Was reading about the area that the building is located in. It looks like that would be a good place in France in which to live and probably very expensive. Any place with mild weather seems to be expensive. Also seems to be a nice place to take a vacation.

    Thanks again for joining us.

    God bless.

  2. Hello - I have just googled Perpignan - to find out where you took the shot of the fish - He looks very impressive. Thankyou for visiting my blog - please call back again if you have time - Jane UK

  3. That's a cute fish !
    Is there a new theme ? I always have the Thursday photo challenge and there was for the second week "Thankful" which I hate, I prefer to be happy !
    Maybe I should try this "meme" ?

  4. that's really cool. so cute

  5. I love the fish!! Great job!!

  6. nice capture...looks like a fun place, fish restaurant?

  7. Nice Fish

    Looks like a gray-ling ? ;-)

  8. Delicious, I love the light that you get.


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